Meet PAT Smart Drinking Fountains and Bottle Refill Stations

  • 2019

  • Social Impact

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Meet PAT

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Meet PAT drinking fountains and water station products: designed to meet social, health and sustainability goals simultaneously. The products encourage people to drink more water (less sugary drinks!), look after the environment and waterways, as well as reduce single use water bottle waste.

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  • The challenge was to design iconic, friendly, fun, approachable, sustainable products with modern branding and advertising. The key focus for the product was to address the: // difficulty finding and accessing clean free tap water. // stigma in using public drinking fountains and “town based” water being not clean/safe – that bottled water is safer. // environmental damage from plastic waste and transport pollution from single use water bottles. // health in the community and the impact of sugary drink consumption. The product was to be clean, hygienic, easy to use, disability compliant and designed for disassembly,

  • Meet PAT product range exceeded the brief. A scaleable design which had the ability to service events as well as configured to be a long term public infrastructure product. A system where changing the frame extrusion lengths can create different product styles (height, width) and assembled in a modular component configuration. The product has interchangeable branded panels which can be updated, provide a brand or message and be styled to be sympathetic with location environment. The product has had signification government and community engagement as well as meeting many sustainability, social, usage and health goals.

  • It is estimated that by providing accessible, free, public water solutions that through Meet PAT water stations, the system has potentially saved: \143630 bottles single use bottles for entering landfill \14210kg of sugar from being consumed within the community compared to the equivalent soft drink consumption \As well as 14270kg of Co2 emissions from single use plastic production. This is based on Meet PAT product usage monitoring both at events and in permanent outdoor products.

  • If you could find a clean accessible tap wherever you went, why would you need to buy bottled water or sugary drinks? Meet PAT products are about trying to change the behaviours and help remove the stigma from drinking fountains by providing a interactive, clean and fun way to access water. The product range was conceived by a design project, sparked by discussion and innovation and then evolved down a different pathway. We pride ourselves on having a corporation which works around youthful, new age design thinking combined with modern manufacturing.