MagnaLatch® ALERT

  • 2015

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    Hardware and Building

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D&D Technologies

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MagnaLatch® ALERT is the world’s first and only combined gate latch and electronic alarm system. Utilising the world’s safest gate latching technology this new alarmed model offers the ultimate in child and household safety.

MagnaLatch® ALERT offers dual electronic alarms: flashing orange LED lights for visual warning, and an audible alarm that sounds if a gate is opened and/or left unlatched. A single beep sounds upon each gate opening, followed 10 seconds later by a second beep. Only if the gate is left open for 15 seconds will the unit ramp up to full alarm mode.

Critically, the ALERT product notifies when a gate is “unlatched”, as opposed to simply being “closed” and appearing to be latched.

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  • The advanced, integrated latch and alarm design is simple and free of unsightly wiring. The alarm unit is compact and highly efficient. The user's eye is drawn to the top half of the product where the key features and user interaction is required. Conversely, the bottom half is solidly concealed and protected from the elements, subtly communicating the reliability of the internal mechanics and electronics. All the user features are well presented at general eye level, reinforced with the visual LED light feedback and a new key lock status indicator. MagnaLatch® ALERT presents itself in an honest form whilst the styling is sophisticated and representative of an alarm system built to withstand the elements.

  • The product's primary function is to protect from, or notify of, unauthorised access where there may be harm, and in most cases will be fitted to swimming pool and front yard gates. In the case of the safety gate latch (Top Pull model) the latch release knob is mounted high, out of reach of toddlers (per Australian Standards). The alarm component is designed to warn if the gate has been accessed and/or is not securely latched. The product's inbuilt alarms - visual and audible - will detect whether or not the gate latch is not securely latched, and prompt the user to check.

  • The electronic ALERT module is operated by detecting the strength of a magnetic field in the latch. Although there are contact sensors that are currently available in the market that are operated by a magnet and a reed switch (e.g. a door alarms) D&D Technologies' research showed that such arrangements are relatively primitive and do not provide accurate or adequate safety and security. D&D uses a unique an innovative solution as well a novel software algorithm that is able to provide a more reliable and accurate detection.

  • The basic latching function of the MagnaLatch® ALERT is not reliant on battery power, and provides a failsafe mechanical means to secure the gate regardless of internal alarm systems. The core function of MagnaLatch® ALERT is intuitive. By lifting the knob there is a tactile feedback of the unlatched status. The moment the knob is lifted an audible beep is heard and visual flash of the LED lights is activated - even if the gate is not opened. This is what makes this product so special. If the gate is left open for more than 15 seconds, the alarm will begin to siren. Upon gate closure, or more specifically upon the process of latching, the alarms will stop and reset.

    All MagnaLatches are made of quality engineering UV-stabilised polymers and stainless steel components. They have been used on swimming pool gates, childcares and homes for 27 years, and millions have sold worldwide. This range of “Series 3” latches are of the highest quality and value while still being highly affordable. MagnaLatch® ALERT is designed for outdoor use with IP55 rating to protect the electronics from dust and water damage. It is highly corrosion resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. MagnaLatch® ALERT is well finished and priced as a premium product. It is affordable when compared with add-on, standalone alarm systems of vaguely comparable capabilities available on the market.

    MagnaLatch® ALERT contains novel and innovative features, some of which are patent pending. What differentiates the ALERT from other products is the scope to adapt modules to existing MagnaLatches. Also, long-time ML owners can now readily upgrade to the premium ALERT product without hassle…in some instances by using the same fixing holes mounting brackets! No wiring, electricians or special mounting tools are required. So the advantage of this modular platform is to minimise components to create different models to perform different functions. MagnaLatch® ALERT is available in two models, the Top Pull model for child safety gates, and the Vertical Pull for front, side and garden gates.