MAC Link ECG Analysis System

  • 2016

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

Commissioned By:

GE Healthcare

Designed In:


MAC Link is a resting ECG Analysis System used to acquire, analyze and record ECG data from patient. Aimed at Healthcare professionals, who need work flow flexibility, ranging from small clinics to large hospital wards.

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  • Mac Link is a unique combination of wired and wireless ECG devices all in one intuitive solution, providing total flexibility to the customer. The design team strived to make the technology fit the customers' work flows not the other way around. Removing visual clutter, provides focus on the ECG data, the tablet can be used seated, standing or completely removed giving complete freedom to the customer to work the way they prefer. Creating customer delight was the aim from the start of the project, Mac Link bringing fresh modern update to this category of DCG devices which has resulted in both employee delight and positive attention for the brand.