#Likeitneverhappened CHUX online campaign

Our brief from Chux was to come up with a campaign around ‘quick cleaning wins’ and produce a series of pre-rolls that highlighted those everyday cleaning needs in a relatable way.

The four pieces of branded content had over 800,000 views.

Deliverables: 4 x digital video content

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  • You can't create common ground if you don't get to know your target audience. And we're not talking about simply their gender, age, salary and location. You need to know how they feel, and what motivates them. One of the best ways to learn this is to immerse yourself in the places they live their digital lives; what are they are talking about? What do they get excited, sad or angry about? What is the greatest challenge of their day? And this is exactly what we did to produce these designs. We touched on the everyday pain-points that Mum's experience.

  • We allowed our audience to be able to establish a similarity within the videos. It is important that they are able to be able to impose themselves in to the scene, see themselves in that home or having that conversation. But keep in mind that while we want to establish similarity, we also want to remain attractive - another key part of likeability. It needs to be relatable, familiar; but still a bit aspirational. No piles of dirty socks in the corner, that's just a bit too real. Think how your audience would like their home to look on an average day - a very good, average day.

  • We've all seen ads where outlandish things happen, and they're certainly memorable - but can they create consensus if it's clear that someone similar to you would never do those things or be in that situation? The real challenge in branded content is seamlessly integrating the product to the scene in a meaningful and authentic way. Outlandish ads can achieve great recall of the scene and humour, but the product recall often comes second. Respect the principle of consensus by striking a good balance between humour and the potential of the audience to relate to the situation.