Life Checks

  • 2019

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    Public Sector Services

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  • Engine formerly Transform Australia

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Department of Health

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On average, Australians are living 25 years longer than we did 100 years ago. Early planning is critical to ageing well, to ensure people take steps to be prepared, healthy, independent and connected to their community. It is never too early, or too late, to plan the life you want.

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  • The Australian government wanted to drive behavioural change, by assisting users to identify how their lifestyle choices can help them to take control of their future and make the most of the rest of their lives. The tool was required to take a holistic view of users’ lives; understanding behaviours and attitudes across four key areas: health, skills, social connectedness and finances. The challenge was to empower users to make choices that work for them, rather than a tool that would tell people what to do.

  • A simple and engaging online questionnaire that can be completed in ten minutes. Questions are based on behaviours and preferences. The tool is designed to be inclusive and intuitive through the use icons and imagery to appeal to a broad audience, regardless of their digital and literacy levels. The results for each user include: a rating of 1-5 stars for each of the key areas - health, skills, social connectedness, and finance – that reflects how well users are prepared for their future. a list of recommended resources that is unique for each user.

  • A total of five Australia Government departments collaborated on this project. Many of the representatives from these departments were new to Human centred design and agile methodologies. To-date a total of 184k site visits and over 72k people have completed the online quiz. Over 25% of people who completed the quiz have proceeded to access the recommended resource links and opt to send themselves their results by email.

  • The design of the tool emerged from a human-centred design process. It is also based on the OCM model which states that behaviour change requires users to have Opportunity, Capability, and Motivation. Key features of the tool are aimed to drive engagement and reach: - Conversational and engaging content and language to appeal to a wide audience with motivating messages. - Delivering a personalised experience with results and recommendations that are unique to each user - Only asks about factors that are inside the user’s control, like attitudes and behaviours - Framed around the user’s future as retirement is too distant a concept to drive behaviour change in younger people - Tailored for those who like planning and for those who don’t - All questions can be answered ‘off the top of the head’ without the user having to hunt out information - Easy to use and intuitive design approach so it can be completed in 10 minutes Meets the Government Accessibility Guidelines