Legrand Excel Life

  • 2014

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    Consumer Electronics

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  • Legrand Australia

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Legrand Australia

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The Legrand Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module is a high-speed USB charging solution that can be seamlessly integrated into any Legrand Excel Life powerpoints and switches. This means end-users can do away with multiple chargers and instead have a convenient integrated solution to charging mobile devices simultaneously whilst conveniently freeing up powerpoints. The Legrand Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module provides 4.2A maximum charging capacity allowing up to two tablets to be charged at their maximum speed simultaneously. It is ideal for any combination of USB charged mobile devices including tablets, smart phones, cameras, MP3 players and GPS.

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  • The Legrand Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module is designed for easy integration into a variety of powerpoints (single/double, horizontal and vertical) and switches (1 to 6 gang) providing endless combinations to suit requirements of particular rooms in the home - such as kitchens and bedrooms, or applications in commercial spaces - such as airport lounges, universities and schools. This integration allows for a seamless aesthetic throughout the interior as all powerpoints and switches match and the module sits perfectly flush with the coverplate.

  • The Legrand Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module has a 4.2A maximum total charging capacity, 2.1A (or 10W) per USB socket. This is a market-leading specification in USB charging. The dual USB chargers allow any combination of tablets and smartphones and other mobile devices currently available on the market to be charged at their maximum speed without relying on the original manufacturers charger.

  • The Legrand Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module includes Surge Protection, which protects any connected mobile devices from power surges and other voltage disturbances whilst charging. It also features Overload Protection, which has been designed to limit the current supplied to a mobile device, in case of a short circuit on the USB cable. Overall these ensure the valuable devices being charged are protected from any electrical damage.

  • Australians use a high number of mobile devices per capita. With each device currently using a plug-in charger the number of powerpoints required to charge these mobile devices could be high. Furthermore, plug-in chargers are often lost or not convenient to carry around. The Legrand Excel Life Dual USB Charging Module addresses these user frustrations by allowing direct charging to the USB whilst freeing up the 240V powerpoint sockets for other appliances. This charging module requires no special instructions for use or any dedicated installation requirements, and it can be easily wired into the existing terminals of powerpoints and switches.