Lachlan’s Line Bridge

  • 2020

  • Architectural

Designed By:

  • KI Studio
  • ARUP
  • Constructed by Daracon/Arenco Joint Venture
  • Fabricated by S&L Steel
  • Project managed by NPC

Commissioned By:


Designed In:


Landcom envisaged an iconic pedestrian bridge design to strikingly mark and define the public realm of Lachlans Line. The sinuous, spiralling electric blue structure, integrates seamlessly with the landscape and new park, delivering a unique design and a memorable bridge that meets the brief in both function and outstanding elegance.

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  • Identifying a superstructure for the bridge that is sympathetic to the site, unique and striking as a landmark. Integrating the structure into its setting and identifying an alignment that is sensitive to the site constraints, yet direct and user-friendly. Interpreting the design, fabrication and construction process in a seamless and unobtrusive way that is engaging and playful. Integrating retaining walls, paths, stairs and seating steps as a single composition, integral to the bridge language. Creating a crossing that is safe and pleasant for users whilst also designing a structure that is unique and memorable from within and outside.

  • The sinuous shape of the electric blue tubular helix structure, delivers a fluid form that responds to user’s desire lines and gives the structure a sculptural quality from both within and outside.The bridge design combines form, texture, space, colour and motion , creating a stimulating experience for the users, as if walking through a sculpture, making the journey more engaging and unique, delivering a memorable landmark. Green walls were integral to the early design concept, yet were later deleted. Art, in the form of abstract interpretation of the bridge’s features is integrated into the structure, providing interest for the user.

  • This bridge is critical to providing safe pedestrian and cycle access for the Lachlan's Line community to public transport and the existing cycle networks. The bridge acts as a landmark and transforms transport infrastructure from providing “just a bridge” to providing a visually engaging, fun and aesthetically pleasing outcome –i.e. more than “just a bridge.” It reflects design excellence and an urban design outcome of internationally high calibre that the community will love and enjoy. The lightness of the structure was achieved through a creative design approach, combined with state of the art software in the collaborative design process.

  • The interpretation strategy describes the various stages of the project, from design through to fabrication and culminating in the construction process. Each stage is described chronologically as one approaches the bridge from the park. Display devices are an integral part of park and bridge components.