Klipsta Hat Clip

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Kelly Walker
  • Clive Solari

Commissioned By:

Kelly Walker

Designed In:


The Klipsta Hat Clip is a simple and convenient way to carry your hat hands-free, with a clever design that lets you securely fasten your hat to your bag.

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Image: Kelly Walker - Klipsta
Image: Kelly Walker - Klipsta
Image: Kelly Walker - Klipsta
Image: Kelly Walker - Klipsta
Image: Kelly Walker - Klipsta
Image: Kelly Walker - Klipsta
Image: Kelly Walker - Klipsta
Image: Kelly Walker - Klipsta
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  • The design challenge was to find a way to stop hats being lost and damaged once they were taken off heads. Initially the challenge involved only school hats, which are lost at an alarming rate causing increased stress levels and impacting family finances. In our research phase we soon discovered that the ability to take any hat off and carry it hands-free, without stuffing it into a bag and potentially damaging it, would encourage people to use hats more often and offer increased protection from the damaging effects of the sun.

  • The Klipsta Hat Clip can be securely locked onto a bag or belt to enable the user to carry their hat hands-free. The clip is a TPE strap with neodymium magnets embedded at each end. The strap has an innovative locking mechanism which attaches the clip to a bag or belt. The two embedded magnets secure the hat quickly and easily.

  • Millions of hats are lost or damaged globally every year. This results in increased landfill and replacement hats being bought. Lost hats cause increased stress levels and negatively impact finances. Our hat clips keep hats safe and secure and enables hat wearers to carry their hat hands-free, without having to worry about where to put their hat, so they don't lose it, when they are out and about. This has a social, commercial and environmental impact.

  • Klipsta Hat Clips are made in Australia. They are recyclable, wipe cleanable and very versatile. Our customers are now using them to secure towels, gloves, foldable hiking poles and various other sporting equipment. Our customers have called our clips - "amazing", "stress busting" and "such a clever invention". Some customers have noted that they now take a hat everywhere as it is attached to their bag so they have reduced their inadvertent sun exposure.