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    Consumer Electronics

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Kitsunei Pty Ltd

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Kitsi is a suite of electronics modules and sensors that can be connected to create a customisable and programmable electronics platform for STEM teaching and digital literacy. Kitsi eliminates any need for programming knowledge and allows students to build their ideas quickly and intuitively with the hardware and software platform.

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  • The Kitsi modules were inspired out of a need for simple, flexible tools for teachers and students to use in prototyping and developing innovative hardware and making STEM learning accessible, independent of prior learning. The modules had to be intuitive to identify, use and manipulate while maintaining a consistent and robust electrical connection between each module. Thad to be easily programmable without coding and had to survive the rigors of classroom use, despite their small size. Each module had to be attractive and function for as long as possible, regardless of what electronics were inside.

  • Each Kitsi module has been designed to be instantly distinguishable through colour and iconography both before and after assembly, with breakout coloured sections allowing a stack of modules to be read and understood at a glance. Magnetic fastening ensures that each block assembles securely and in the correct orientation every time and electrical connections were iterated and improved numerous times to improve connectivity regardless of tolerance or interference. Through eliminating any need for programming knowledge or experience and optimising the modular nature of the platform, the Kitsunei platform makes STEM learning accessible to all.

  • The Kitsi blocks and Kitsunei platform is an innovative tool for teachers and educators to empower school students to ideate and create rapidly and efficiently. The platform is designed to help teachers to accommodate "student built" hardware solutions and to iterate on ideas simply. The system can optimise or automate existing hardware and devices, control robotic applications, run weather stations and integrate any independent sensor into the Internet of Things. Each module is instantly identifiable through colour and icon signifiers to quickly and intuitively build the device that a student imagines.

  • Kitsi eliminates a need for complex coding knowledge using "block-coding”, which takes pre-written code snippets and links them together to create functioning code inputs and outputs.