Keyhound – Keeps on Tracking

  • 2019

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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Richard Gould

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Accounting for hundreds of keys, truant staff and vehicles usage is a daily struggle for many dealerships and property operations. It’s an ongoing battle which drains time, money and resources. Imagine being able to track staff actions ‘live’ when they access locked property or use mobile assets. We need accountability.

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  • Lock-it Systems is Australia's leading supplier of secure key cabinets for dealerships. From experience, we know that there is currently no quick, high volume accountability system for keys, staff and vehicles in existence for dealerships and property management operations. Without valid documentation, how can a manager identify when staff have accessed keys or vehicles? It's difficult to keep track of key location, vehicle use, damages, and stolen vehicles. Our brief was simple: using our proven operational and mechanical profile to create a 'live' accountability system for the keys, staff, vehicles and property accessed.

  • Our global review of existing key tracking systems proved current designs were out-of-date. They were limited in application and low in key capacity, user speed and network communications. Our goal was to reduce mechanical and electronic components, increase key capacity within limited space, make removable key panels, and reduce staff entry, exit and key removal times. Meeting these goals required multiple developments of modern platforms, such as Cloud, App, Bluetooth, RFID and WiFi. We also created innovative ways to present keys to the recipient. Combining these protocols into a single product took four years.

  • A typical dealership can have 400 vehicles, 40 staff and 300 unknown vehicle movements a day = no accountability; no restitution. Keyhound introduces forced controls and time stamping to validate staff actions. such as key removal, return and location. This provides accountability, creating a safe and prosperous work space. Keyhound ensures staff are aware that their actions are being monitored, and through reinforcement of this message, many staff self-correct. Truant staff are quickly exposed and their poor attitude can be better managed. Management have irrefutable chronological data from the forced information collection points, during the key removal or return process.

  • Without an accountability system, it is a great challenge to manage hundreds of keys, staff and vehicles simultaneously. Keyhound solves this problem. Paramount to the Keyhound design is reduced mechanical and electronic components, with increased key capacity despite the limited space available. Some other crucial aspects of our design include: - Having key board panels which hold 100 keys each. - Cabinet capacity for 3 keyboards, meaning a total of 300 individual key. - The cabinet's footprint is 900 high x 550 wide x 400 deep. This allows for many cabinets sharing limited wall space. - Use of multiple communication platforms, which allows for user features previously unavailable in a single product assembly. - The power usage is below 12 VAC, and therefore it can be easily run via low power, solar power or battery backup. - It is easy to dismantle and recycle materials. This extends the life cycle of the equipment. Keyhound is now a 'live' tracking solution using Cloud storage and communications, along with quick 'validation' apps, to provide access to cabinets and stored keys.