Kenwood Chef Titanium 2017

  • 2017

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    Domestic Appliances

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Kenwood Chef Titanium is the ultimate kitchen companion for novices and seasoned chef’s alike; carefully designed with strong functionality and exceptional detail, making each culinary journey an exciting one. With a beautiful aesthetic and slick design, this iconic machine will look fabulous on any kitchen counter.

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  • The preparation of food is a sensorial experience - sight, smell, touch and obviously taste are critical. Acknowledging this, Chef Titanium uses colour-balanced in-bowl illumination which allows ultimate control of colour, texture and consistency of your mix. The 360 degree halo light delivers uninterrupted illumination of the bowl during mixing, something a single point light source cannot do. It's also reflects a strong design signature echoed across the rest of the product, and on other products within our range.

  • Chef Titanium comes complete with the highest quality stainless steel SYSTEMPRO™ bowl tools, allowing you to beat, knead, whisk, cream and fold with confidence. SYSTEMPRO™ bowl tools combine best-in-class stainless steel tools with the creaming beater and patented folding tool for the unbridled in-bowl creativity. Combined with the unique fold function enables you to carefully mix ingredients without losing air, and the variable speeds give you ultimate precision control.

  • Kenwood has built a machine that grows with you. Unleash your inner Chef and discover a world of accessories from dicing, slicing, chopping and mincing to juicing, smoothies and ice cream for the ultimate in creative cookery.

  • A timeless, classic approach to the design underpins the idea that you will likely change your kitchen more often than the Chef Titanium, and this product will be equally at home in a wide range of kitchen styles. A 10 year motor guarantee provides further assurance that Chef Titanium will be your partner in the kitchen for many years to come.