Basin Faucet SP21A

  • 2016

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Basin faucet SP21A offers a refreshing approach free from everything superfluous. Boldness and flexibility are the essences of every detail.

Ergonomically designed with fluid and linear curves, it sits comfortably both contemporary and traditional environments. It gives you a variety of options to truly enhance and personalize your space.

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  • Water is one of the most valuable resources known to mankind and it is our belief that it must be delivered to our customers in its most pure and clean state. Having made it our mission to deliver water to you without compromise, we only use medical grade stainless steel to maintain its purity. This ensures people can enjoy safe running water,uncontaminated by toxic heavy metals, directly from our faucets.

  • Material Advantages JOUGOR's fundamental raw material is Level 304-316 stainless steel, which is specified for medical use. It is widely used for human body implantation because of its inherent non-corrosive qualities. Material Properties It is also lead-free, anti-bacterial and oxidation-proof. This easy to maintain material offers a long-lasting surface gloss that will not deteriorate over time.

  • Unique Process To assist in our pioneering craftsmanship yet to be explored by the rest of the sanitary ware industry, we have developed our own bespoke equipment to achieve the highest material performance that creates our signature mirrored surface without electroplating. Expertly Crafted Handmade products deliver warmth and integrity to any household, our highly trained craftsmen have set about this challenge for every single part of a Jougor product. Every component is meticulously finished and assembled by hand.

  • Our message is clear and simple, by way of design, materials and sustainability, we offer our customers a better life. "Stainless steel faucets are both healthy and eco-friendly, and it is with the unique collaboration between the world's leading engineers, creatives and outstanding craftsmanship that Jougor can proudly state it is where a beautiful life begins. It is the starting point in the exploration of a healthier future. We aim far further beyond just aesthetics in our quest for the ultimate bathroom or kitchen experience.