Island Bench

  • 2016

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • UES Design Team
  • Alex Morcos
  • Johan Naess
  • Robert Quinn
  • Brandon Clark & Daniel Rodriquez

Commissioned By:

Designed In:


The design is a bench seat, consisting of a number of leg frames (or seat formers) made from cast aluminium with 3 extruded horizontal aluminium sections forming the seat and backrest support with cast aluminium end caps either end.

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  • This bench features a relatively light weight, but robust, construction suitable for heavy impact areas like public seating used for railway and bus stations, parks and shopping centre's, sports arenas, or urban furniture. It is also ideally suited for outside and inside use in commuter ferries and other marine use.

  • The design principle allows this bench to be shipped very compact for easy and fast assembly anywhere in the world. The horizontal extruded aluminium sections can be cut to any length without joins between seats. Depending upon the length of the bench, the required number of leg frames (seat formers), can be attached anywhere along the horizontal extrusions.

  • The parts are delivered flat-packed so for easy assembly a set of jigs will be supplied. The bench gets assembled upside-down for easy access to bolts and channel nuts (all made from 316 stainless steel). The foot part of the leg frames is designed to take floor mounting bolts where required.

  • Due to the ergonomically considered shape aesthetically the bench is quite unique. It expresses minimalist organic lines. The finish on the extrusions can be anodized or powder coated to a desired colour, and it can also be treated with an anti graffiti coating. The leg frame (seat formers) and the end-caps can be polished, plated or powder coated.