Intel WiDock

  • 2016

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Intel WiDock SDS Team, Intel Corp.

Commissioned By:

Intel Corp.

Designed In:


The Intel WiDock is a synthesis of advanced wireless technology and elegant, user-friendly desktop computing accessory. The simplicity of the form and user experience echo the overall product objective of providing a seamless and wireless connectivity experience during the transition from a mobile to stationary computing.

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  • The Intel WiDock (Wireless Docking) is a product for workplace and home, using Intel WiGig. Our goal was to evangelize the advantages of Intel WiGig -- a new and relatively unfamiliar Intel® technology -- while transforming the product into an intuitive, unobtrusive and seamless experience. With this objective, we faced a number of challenges including: optimizing product footprint, antenna configuration, thermal management , on-demand back-lit touch capacitive user interface, docking status, weight distribution, and a seamless uni-body chassis design. Our theme of elegant simplicity is further demonstrated through the implementation of an intuitive touch-capacitive backlit UI, space-efficient design.