Industrial Wearable Computing System

  • 2017

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Zebra Technologies Corp.

Designed In:


The Industrial Wearable Computing System, WT6000 wearable computer and RS6000 ring scanner provide hands-free solutions for warehouse applications and enable ‘uninterrupted workflows’ by presenting only the required information at the right time without user prompting.

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  • The WT6000, wearable computer and the RS6000, ring scanner set a new standard for enterprise-class wearable solutions. They are smaller and lighter than comparable solutions on the market. The new innovative adjustable arm mounting system ensures that the WT6000 will fit comfortably on every worker, regardless of arm size. A customizable five colour LED light pipe on the ring scanner provides contextual feedback. The rugged yet elegant industrial design of our wearable system ensures maximum uptime in the most demanding of environments resulting in a 15% boost in worker productivity and 39% fewer errors than typical voice-only solutions.

  • Wear-ability: - Fit a range of users, flexible sizing - Easily adjustable - Ease of putting terminal on and off - Need to be secure to the arm Ergonomics: - Low Profile to the arm - Solve repetitive strain injury on trigger - Must be ambidextrous Hygiene: - Heat and Sweat on arm is a big problem, make holder Breathable - Issue is perceived hygiene - Washable softgood and devices User Interactivity - At a glance display readability - Must be able to key with gloves - Scanner need to be serviceable independently Durability: - Protect display and keys - Rubbing from cardboard is a big issue - Survive from 6 feet drop - Need to work in freezer environments Accessibility: - Swapable and sharable battery

  • Enhance user performance & workflow efficiency for key warehouse processes like picking, packing, replenishment etc. Enable 'uninterrupted workflows' by presenting only the required information at the right time without user prompting. Enable the worker to interface with the system via voice, scanning and / or screen / keyboard. 'For every second saved per delivery (US) it saves FedEx $7.5M /year. If FedEx saved 13 seconds per delivery it would represent $100M in annual savings.'