ideapad Y700

  • 2016

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd.

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Y700 is designed for the gaming enthusiasts and consumers who need high performance PC for working purpose. The 15 inch model have high resolution screen with full HD 3D webcam.
The shell is made of aluminum with cross hairline. It has strong wire resistance and the rubber inside feel just like skin.

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  • Y700 was designed for non-professional gamers and users who need high performance PC. It targets at 18 to 25-year-old young people. Y700 has a powerful design. It delivered the feeling of raw material to consumer with its cross-hairlined black metal and glossiness. It could make young users feel the excitement from the design.

  • Y700 uses color to highlight input and output function. We changed USB3.0 port from blue to red, not only to unify the design tone but also make it easier for users to understand the functionality. Compared with other products, Y700 raised its hinge to provide a better angle for consumers.

  • The shell of Y700 is made of metal. To prevent scratches caused by sharp metal edge, we used plastic to cover the border.

  • Part of Y700 was made from 30% degradable plastic. The aluminum shell can also be recycled.

    The panel of Y700 is made from glass without mercury. Compared with other products, we have reduced the need to paint the parts, the whole metal shell are just made from two pieces of recycling aluminum.

    Gaming Y series products are becoming the valuable asset for Lenovo brand. It targets at younger generation, providing uncompromised performance while keep the price 20% lower than the competitors in the market.

    We studied the structure of the sports car airflow design in heating system, and applied it into Y700. Inhale cold air from the front and bottom side, then blow the heat out from the rear of the panel with two fans. There is a rubber foot at the bottom of laptop which can block out the heat.