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Buy now, pay later (BNPL) solutions are rapidly gaining popularity around the world. hummgroup has been at the forefront of providing solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Following the success of their existing portfolio (bundll, humm® and humm®90), hummgroup decided to bring the benefits to small and medium-sized businesses owners.

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  • Small and medium-sized businesses often struggle with cashflow issues and lengthy bank loan approval processes. Our client, hummgroup, approached us to help them design and build a BNPL payment product for the use of businesses in Australia and New Zealand. This product would help boost the buying power of businesses by giving them relatively easy access to up to 30,000 AUD of credit. BNPL for business was a relatively new proposition at the time, and hummgroup wanted to lead the way with a product that would be beautifully designed, intuitive and secure.

  • We created initial designs based on workshops with the client and carved out a strong digital presence from brand guidelines that we inherited from a third-party branding agency. We conducted intensive user research, where we tested responses to the design and the value proposition. Based on this research, we refined the design, taking a more user-focused and digital-first approach. We created a design system used across all products, and ensured that it aligned with the client's updated brand following a mid-project rebranding. The finished product is polished, professional and user-friendly, while being recognisably part of the hummgroup brand.

  • hummpro has made BNPL accessible to Australian and New Zealand SMEs, giving them a digital line of credit of up to 30,000 AUD to invest into the day-to-day operations of their business. It offers flexible repayment terms, allowing users to pause and plan their payments based on their individual and business needs. For example, users can delay a payment due if they need more time, or split large payments into installments over a period of time. By designing a streamlined digital-first experience, we've ensured that learning for new users is minimal and there are no UX-related points of friction.

  • Our development team was involved in the design process from the start, ensuring that our designs were always feasible from a technical standpoint. This prioritisation of both function and form is reflected in the polished quality of the final product, including the finely tuned interactions and animations.