Hubert Estate

  • 2022

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

Designed By:

  • Cera Stribley
  • Domenic Cerantonio, Chris Stribley
  • Jessica Coulter, Danny Tong
  • Darcy Kay, Katherine McDonald

Commissioned By:

Ryan Hospitality Group

In collaboration with Treasury Premium Brands

Designed In:


Resolutely natural and elegantly evolving, Hubert Estate is Victoria’s latest highly anticipated destination that redefines the regional hospitality offering via an architecturally-striking cellar door that rises from the ground, in addition to the retention and reinvigoration of the existing branded sheds onsite into a large-scale restaurant and function centre.

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Image: Dianna Snape
Image: Dianna Snape
Image: Dianna Snape
Image: Dianna Snape
Image: Peter Bennetts
Image: Peter Bennetts
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  • Weaving a cohesive narrative of the site’s past, present and future with that of the commercial priorities of both Ryan Hospitality Group and Treasury Premium Brands was central to the design challenge of this project. St Hubert’s has a heritage as one of the Yarra Valley’s oldest wineries, dating back to 1862. On one hand, the design objective was to revive this historically significant site with contemporary sensibilities. On the other hand, the intent was to bring something architecturally bold and experientially unique to the Coldstream region.

  • The site offered a great opportunity to combine the history of St Hubert’s with the undulating landscape to create a truly unique design that pays homage to its rural location. We drew inspiration from the site’s topography, which slopes down from the Highway, resulting in an architecturally striking new volume that rises up from the landscape in one swift curve. Encapsulating the concept of the hunt, Hubert Estate is a journey led by instinct into the rich landscape of St Hubert’s, offering a unique opportunity to escape and reconnect with the Yarra Valley.

  • The Yarra Valley has been hard-hit since the advent of COVID-19; the pandemic has decimated the regional hospitality and tourism industries the local community so heavily relies upon. Comprising a family-style restaurant (Quarters), Indigenous art gallery (Hubert Gallery of Art), event space (Harriett), revamped St Hubert’s cellar door – all designed by Cera Stribley – as well as a boutique wine store (Notes), designed by Landini Associates, the new Hubert Estate is a significant investment in the Yarra Valley that redefines the region’s hospitality offering. The design is visually impactful from the highway; an attraction that passers by will want to explore.

  • The existing St Hubert’s sheds are surrounded by vines, so the idea was for guests to approach the site via the restaurant, before coming around in between the two buildings, creating a dramatic view of the entry to the cellar door. A large copper door punctuates the centre of two high concrete walls that cut through the grass mound of the building. The existing branded shed has been repurposed into a function centre that has a warm yet practical interior, with sliding doors that open onto a terrace overlooking the vines. Part of the brief was ensuring the space was neutral enough to be a blank canvas for events, but harnessing enough materiality and texture that it wasn’t austere. This was achieved via black charred timber cladding, providing the perfect backdrop for theming. The restaurant ‘Quarters’ is a divided servery and sectioned kitchen and restaurant, mirrored by different counters along the length of the building. A large pizza oven adorns one end, sculptured in copper coloured mosaic penny rounds, while a similar toned bar conceals the service area. Contrasting green subway tiles feature behind with white and green at the front, complemented by a timber-clad bar and servery section.