HiRes Ultra 3D Implant

  • 2022

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    Medical and Scientific

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Advanced Bionics LLC

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United States of America

The HiRes™ Ultra 3D allows adult and pediatric cochlear implant patients to undergo MRI scans without surgery, or uncomfortable head-bandaging, resulting in a pain-free and hassle-free imaging experience, even at powerful 3T scans. No need for magnet-removal surgery which means patients can continue to hear before and after the scan.

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  • MRI scans are becoming increasingly commonplace as a diagnostic tool for a wide variety of medical conditions. For cochlear implant (CI) wearers, this has been a source of hassles and pain, as the magnetic field from MRI machines exerts a strong toque force on the CI magnet inside the head, causing physical pain for the patient. Therefore, it was common practice to remove the internal magnet prior to high resolution MRI examinations, requiring surgery and interrupting the patient’s hearing during the process.

  • The HiRes™ Ultra 3D features a multi-magnet assembly that can freely rotate around a titanium case’s central axis and around their own magnetic axis. This allows them to self-align to the MRI field and reduces the risk of torque and pain as a patient approaches and is inside the MRI bore. The magnets are enclosed in a titanium frame with a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating, which helps to reduce the friction and wear on the magnets during day-to-day use.

  • HASSLE-FREE: Our HiRes™ Ultra 3D cochlear implant does not require removal during an MRI, so patients can treat it like any other standard medical examination. PAIN-FREE: Our innovative multi-magnet assembly ensuring no pain or discomfort during an MRI, making the procedure less stressful. UNINTERRUPTED HEARING: The only thing that patients have to do to get an MRI is to take off the external sound processor and put it back on after the scan. This is an improvement over previous practices when patients had to undergo surgeries for magnet removal, during which time the patient would not be able to hear.

  • There are no limitations to the angular alignment of the patient's head as with other MRI-safe solutions on the market. This is a significant benefit to pediatric patients who are more likely to move their heads during a typical 30 minute+ MRI procedure. The titanium frame provides superior impact resistance compared to all other cochlear implant magnets on the market. Historically, magnets typically crack around 2 to 3 J or impact but with the 3D magnet, we can approach 7 to 8 Joules of impact before we start seeing any damage. The 3D Magnet can be removed and replaced easily if needed.