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HelloCars.com.au is Australia’s first low-cost, online-only used car dealership founded by brothers Paul and Michael Higgins, which offers a better value and hassle-free alternative for consumers by removing the traditional overheads that drive up the cost of buying or selling a used car.

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  • For three decades, research firm Roy Morgan has asked Australians to rank the most ethical and honest professions and for three decades car salesmen have come dead last. HelloCars was founded to inject trust, convenience and transparency into the notorious used car industry by moving the transaction completely online and removing the high pressure sales environment presented by traditional brick and mortar vehicle dealerships.

  • HelloCars facilitates both the sale and purchase of used vehicles online, not as a broker or intermediary but rather as a fully-fledged online dealership that is able to actively purchase a vehicle outright and sell to customers anywhere in Australia. At the start of the purchase cycle, customers are able to use the HelloCars online quote tool to obtain an instant valuation for their vehicle. HelloCars backs its quote with a $50 guarantee than the final offer will fall within the quoted range. HelloCars is also Australia's only dealership that offers 7-day no question returns on all vehicles.

  • HelloCars has been described as the "refreshing new way to buy a car", a business model that is almost "too good to be true" and "what buying or selling should have always been". By focusing on customer service and experience, and offering complete transparency in pricing, HelloCars has been immensely successful in overturning the decades-long stereotype of the dodgy car dealer.

  • As an online-only car dealership, HelloCars conducts its transactions wholly online and offers the convenience of free delivery and pickup of vehicles anywhere in the Sydney-metro region. Together with the 7-day no question return policy on all vehicles sold, HelloCars represents a refreshingly convenient and hassle-free way to buy or sell a used car. The reduced overheads from operating online allow HelloCars to offer the $1,000 more than a dealer guarantee for all customers looking for a convenient and simple way to sell their car.