Heart Ring by Less3

  • 2016

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Sara Pontoppidan
  • Jondelle Watkins

Commissioned By:


Designed In:


An ethical silver ring – with a hidden heart detail – is enclosed in clear acrylic with two screen protectors.

The minimalist solution is user-friendly, optimised for shipping, and allows a full, clear view of the product.

An optional eco-friendly outer card provides product information and doubles as a gift wrap.

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  • The packaging talks to the millennial target market's values and aspirations. It is minimalist and eco-friendly, it reinforces the brand values, and it is sharable and pleasurable. It aims to have a personal tone of voice, reflect positively on the gift giver, and create a feel-good emotional response. On a visceral level, its striking aesthetic captures your attention and invites further interaction. Contrasting materials and finishes were designed to create sensory delight. Where needed, discreet cues (e.g. small arrows) help to make the opening journey magical yet intuitive. This packaging tries to push boundaries, while, at heart, still remaining user-friendly.

  • Designed to be sold online, the packaging is optimised for shipping, with a focus on creating a memorable opening experience. The result is a lightweight, durable solution that can be mailed out in an unpadded envelope. The screen protectors use mess-free silicone adhesive, which cushions the ring during transport. The ring cutouts are unique for each ring size, minimising size errors. The product is simply named the “heart ring”. When you see it for the first time, you might wonder why and start investigating the packaging. Hopefully, this will lead to a pleasurable “Aha-experience” when you discover the heart on the inside of the ring.

  • The minimalist design consists of a piece of clear acrylic 3mm thick - the same height as the product. Two 0.1mm screen protectors on either side hold the ring in place. This results in a bubble-free scratch-resistant solution that delivers brilliant clarity and a full view of the product. An arrow directs you to the top right corner, where the screen protectors protrude. If you run your finger over the corner, the stiff screen protector will catch on your finger, and can easily be peeled off. The packaging can be opened from either side, and is resealable. The white card exterior doubles as a gift wrap. The logo-inspired heart-locking feature uses Japanese kirigami techniques to hold the card together.

  • The packaging is holistically designed, using high-end manufacturing methods that provide consistent quality. The content speaks to new users, and reinforces the brand to users already familiar with it. The folded card controls how the product information is revealed. The ring is unveiled last and becomes the focal point. The acrylic edges catch the surrounding light, and almost glow against the dark card background. The narrative takes you on a journey that ends on a cute note. The tone of voice is human and playful, written to appeal to the target market. It aims to connect emotionally, to delight and to create a feel-good response.

    The packaging's sophisticated minimal design gives it a high perceived value that matches the price point. As the company's first product to market, this packaging will help to establish the brand as an ethical company that sells high-quality goods with a focus on design. The design has been optimised for shipping, and can be sent as a letter. This reduces shipping costs, delivery times and environmental impact, making possible affordable shipping (a well-known purchase barrier for online stores), as well as international sales. With our strategic focus on experiential, emotional and human-centred design, we expect to see increased brand loyalty and, hopefully, organic marketing.

    At 10 grams, 45x45x3mm, the packaging is small and optimised for shipping. The acrylic part is cut and the graphics are etched in a single process. It can be replaced by waterjet-cut glass (recyclable) for retail. The 0.1mm screen protectors can be reapplied, making the packaging reusable. The card doubles as wrapping paper. The locking feature uses folding techniques instead of glue, and can be rewrapped. Both the paper stock and print house have good environmental credentials. The paper stock is PCF and manufactured with wind power. It contains 100% post-consumer waste, is FSC certified and is carbon neutral. The print house is FSC and ISO 14001 certified. It is carbon neutral and it uses vegetable-based ink.