The Growscroll

  • 2017

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

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In These Moments Pty Ltd

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The Growscroll is a unique growth chart that families use to easily record, display and retain children’s heights. It’s unique from other growth charts on the market because it is compact with a marker holder and has been stylised to become a centrepiece of personalised art, placing family growth on display.

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  • The easily rolling aspect of the Growscroll has multiple benefits. The first, it can be rolled up and held on the wall with a loop of rope (shown in attached image). This allows it to be conveniently stored on the wall while children are young and at an age where they pull on everything. When it's time to record a child's height it simply unrolls. The second benefit is how easily it can be transported, a very convenient feature for moving families and also for Grandparents etc. who might like to take the Growscroll to relatives houses when visiting. The third benefit is, when children are fully grown the Growscroll can be easily stored, and handed down from generation to generation for fun height comparisons.

  • The Growscroll is available in two variations Classic and Modern. The Classic version has more artistic finials where the Modern version is minimal and sleek. There are three wood colour options including a Jarrah stain, Black and White and two Canvas options, sand and grey. These customisation options make the Growscroll suitable for most nurseries and home living spaces allowing families to put their growth on display.

  • The smart marker holder feature located on the top piece of dowel is simple yet highly convenient for storing a marker, making it easily accessible when the time comes to record a child's height. This also keeps the marker out of children's reach for safety purposes and assists in preventing the marker from being misplaced. This has been achieved by drilling a hole at a particular angle in the top piece of the pine dowel.

  • The Growscroll is a registered design with IP Australia and has a design patent pending in the US. The term Growscroll is also a registered trademark with IP Australia.