Grove Collaborative – Refillable Glass Detergent Dispenser

  • 2019

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Grove Collaborative

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Every year, consumers in the United States dispose of nearly 900-million plastic detergent bottles. Grove and Alquemy set out to develop a holistic approach, which couples plant-based detergents, with an elevated, reusable glass dispenser. The result is a sustainable, and uniquely beautiful solution, that will help to stem the tide of plastic waste.

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  • The solution to this challenge required us to re-think, and re-frame a consumer’s relationship with the meaning, value and life cycle of laundry detergent bottles. In a category overflowing with large, often garish throw-away plastic products, we understood that for a slightly more expensive, yet significantly more sustainable solution to be adopted, it would need to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level. It was for this reason that we endeavored to create an iconic product gesture, unique sustainable material story, as well as an elevated user experience, all with the goal of reducing waste, in good taste.

  • This solution pays respect to both the object, and the experience. A simple well-proportioned form, constructed from recycled glass and molded plastic parts engineered to last, offers an elevated and timeless solution that will keep working, and looking new for years to come. This emotional quality has been coupled with a deep understanding of the user’s practical needs. The product is slightly smaller and thus lighter. Its simple unique handle is angled perfectly for an easy, comfortable pour, while a unique dosing mechanism built into the cap, ensures the right amount of detergent every time.

  • The Grove Laundry Bottle will have a significant positive environmental impact by helping to reduce the waste being generated in North American laundries. We hope, that this elevated and disruptive solution will also influence the attitudes of our competitors and ask them to re-think the social and environmental impact they are creating through their products and strategies. To change consumer habits, we need to ensure that any solution put forward to reduce waste, is also an elevated and celebrated design solution.

  • - Automatic Dosing - Non Slip Foot, and Handle Inner - Spill Proof Locking Cap - Drip-less Spout Design - Recycled Glass Body - Elevated Aesthetics and Materials