Greenplate 300 Inbench Electric BBQ

  • 2017

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    Commercial and Industrial

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BBQ Cooking Appliance. Extra Low 1.8kw, saving up to 50% power, 240 volt mains power converts via a transformer to only 24 volts at the cook plate (SAFE), patented design. Child safety feature, adjustable 320 degree cooking temperature, LDX Duplex 2205 stainless steel cookplate (non-warping), no hard wiring required.

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  • The Greenplate Inbench BBQ Cooking Appliance utilizes Australian designed patented technology to achieve results never seen before its inception. The introduction of this Technology has genuinely been a revolution in creating a sustainable product solution which reduces power consumption by up to 50% to that of any competitor's BBQ Appliance on today's market! As part of this technology, a toroidal transformer converts 240 volts mains power to 24 volts at the cooking element which means only one thing “SAFETY” for the end user. There is no possibility of electrocution occurring at such a low voltage which gives piece of mind to the purchaser. This patented technology is a breakthrough in reducing emissions.

  • Greenplate BBQ'S can reach extremely high temperatures even when only using 1800 watts of power. The BBQ is set to reach 320°celcius when the thermostat is set on full. If the thermostat is removed the BBQ unit can reach temperatures upward of 450°Celcius. Our Greenplate BBQ cooking appliance achieves hotter results than any competitors BBQ cooking appliance on today's market. When cooking on a commercial BBQ appliance, it is imperative that steaks sizzle on the cooking plate, not stew. Temperatures that a Greenplate® BBQ cooking plate can reach can achieve just that.

  • The Greenplate BBQ Cooking Appliance drops straight into any bench for ease of installation and is secured very simply. The Appliance has a quick release hold down bracket that is easy to remove should the need arise in situations such as flood or fire prone areas. No need for an electrician to be involved as these are not hardwired in and therefore plug straight into a 10amp GPO power outlet. Any person can remove the BBQ Cooking appliance from the bench within minutes. The advantage of this quick removal is that the BBQ Cooking Appliance can be taken back to a Council Depot and be stored until the hazard passes.

  • Greenplate® has designed an element in their BBQ cooking appliance like no other on the market. It consists of one, four-metre-long, Ni Chrome Wire for even heat distribution. This element is also non-insulated ensuring no ceramic around the outside can potentially breakdown. The element is rated for ten years' continuous use. Greenplate can use a non-insulated element because the BBQ cooking appliance runs at 24 volts. The benefits of this is instant heat up time as no ceramic around the element requires heating.

    The push button switch on the BBQ cooking appliance has an LED ring which lights up red and green. Red indicates the BBQ cook plate is heating up and Green indicates the set temperature has been reached. Several flashing fault indicators are programmed in for automatic reset by the user. The BBQ beeps once at the start of a cycle and three times at the end of a cycle. Greenplate were the first BBQ manufacture to apply this feature to public BBQ's in Australia. A six second hold delay child safety feature on the switch is available by adjusting the dipswitch in the BBQ cooking appliance by the manufacturer. A hold delay feature on the switch allows BBQ to be turned off prior to automatically stopping at 28 mins

    Another Greenplate first for optional features on their BBQ cooking appliance is the Cycle Counter. This additional feature allows, particularly Councils, to continuously review their BBQ assets across their park locations to ensure they are being used regularly. The counter simply installs to the front of the BBQ cooking appliance below the bench top and is only accessible by those that have a key to the cabinet door and therefore cannot be tampered with by the public. The Cycle Counter can be manually reset by the push of a button. This is a very simplistic way for Customers to view BBQ usage.

    Greenplate have ensured that only high quality stainless steel is used to manufacture the cabinet, element housing, bench top and cookplate. It is important to note that the stainless steel used for the Greenplate cookplate is a material namely LDX2205 surgical grade stainless steel designed to take incredible heat temperature without warping or buckling over a period of usage. All Greenplate parts are extremely easy to change over should the need arise making repair work on the Greenplate cooking appliance uncomplicated. Greenplate also ensures that all parts are interchangeable between models, therefore no matter how old the BBQ cooking appliance is, it can be upgraded or repaired with ease!