• 2019

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • Zhang Xun

Commissioned By:

Shenzhen Nade Optical Co., Ltd.

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GOOVIS G1 smart glasses have cinematic quality visual effects. They break through the limitations of traditional cinema time and space to become the lightest VR glasses on the market. Enjoy the effects of IMAX theatres anytime, anywhere.

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  • 1.The lens surface of GOOVIS G1 is made of hydrophobic nano-coating. It is designed with exquisite micro-cavity flow. The lens is not easy to fog, optically transparent, and the picture is clearer. 2.The weight of the mainframe is only about 200g. The unique hanging design ensures that the nose bridge has no load and no pressure on the face, resulting in a more comfortable experience.

  • 1.The GOOVIS G1 achieves a wide range of adjustments from 56mm to 72mm, ensuring that most users enjoy high-quality viewing. The GOOVIS G1 brightness setting refers to the IMAX theater level setting and supports multi-level adjustment, which avoids the eye strain caused by the over-brightness or too darkness of the traditional electronic screen, and ensures comfortable viewing and is not easy to fatigue.

  • GOOVIS smart glasses have been based on the user experience since the beginning of the design, hoping to solve the pain points of consumers. Comparing the visual experience of the IMAX theater, ultra-light weight, comfortable wearing experience, 20-meter far-focus imaging to alleviate long-term close-up eye fatigue and the world's leading independent diopter precision adjustment technology.

  • 1.Multi-purpose machine 2.High battery life 3.Soft eye protection 4.Ultra-light head display 5.Adjustable distance 6.Easy to carry