Godavari Diamonds

  • 2021

  • Communication

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Godavari Diamonds

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New Zealand

Godavari is a new diamond brand founded on sustainable luxury, mindful design and bespoke craftsmanship. Each Godavari diamond is set within our uniquely designed and patented coral resin or customisable precious metal globe, allowing bespoke rings to be created, to suit each couple’s style.

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  • Packaging for loose diamond and diamond jewellery is typically mass-manufactured or overly ostentatious, without enough thought towards sustainability. Our vision is to disrupt the diamond market, designing human connectedness and ethical responsibility into every touchpoint. Especially important is the idea of gift-giver and receiver. We want the entire experience to feel effortless for the customer at every touchpoint. Through our research, we found that choosing the right ring for someone else and their design taste was difficult. The issue is compounded with wedding proposals, with a substantial amount of rings retuned, creating a negative customer experience.

  • The globe, debossed jewellery case and outer packaging are inspired by geometric shapes of early 20th century design. The soft coral colour comes from the client's love of peonies. The protective jewellery case may be reconfigured to hold all Godavari products, curves allowing presentation of the globe. The case is cast in single composite, weighted resin, velvety soft to touch, designed to last a lifetime. The precious metal globes may be melted down to form rings. In this case the packaging is the product. Outer packaging is hand-crafted, utilising the weight of the contents to create a soft close lid.

  • Godavari packaging is specifically created as a mindful, sustainable solution within diamond market. The jewellery case, outer packaging and globe setting are part of a unique gifting experience, especially with wedding proposals. Couples may design bespoke rings together, in their own time. The design also maximises efficiency by reducing waste. The jewellery case is manufactured from a single resin material, negating complex parts and adhesives. Inserts are reconfigurable for all Godavari items. The case used for display or returned to Godavari for reuse. Outer packaging is hand-crafted with FSC certified Colorplan. All manufactured locally in New Zealand.

  • Our work with Godavari also includes strategy, naming, positioning, branding, marketing, copywriting, digital comms, advertising and creative direction of imagery. The Godavari marque and custom typeface are inspired by traditional elongated luxury lettering. Godavari is committed to many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which are embedded into their business policies, including the living wage, equality and sustainability. Global partners carefully select diamonds from fair-trade organisations and sustainably-producing mines. They adhere to the Kimberley process. There is an inscription on the girdle, ensuring accurate identification, providing a link to an independent report from the Gemological Institute of America. The packaging is gently perfumed with our signature scent through an internal compartment. Included is a hand-stitched Certification Guide with brand writing, as well as diamond care and identification information. Our packaging work for Godavari was an honoree in Fast Company's 'Innovation By Design Awards 2020'. Through our recommendations, Godavari has been awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark, meeting the highest standards of verified innovation, environmental performance and point of sale transparency. Godavari is a registered member of Earthwork's 'No Dirty Gold', ensuring that gold mining operations respect human rights and the environment.