Game On – Australian Sports Museum

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Game Design and Animation

Designed By:

  • Grumpy Sailor

Commissioned By:

Grumpy Sailor

Australian Sports Museum

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Grumpy Sailor led the transformation of an existing Game On! interactive gallery at the Australian Sports Museum, Melbourne, into a dynamic, reactive, multi-sensory exploration of Australian sport. We designed and developed a visitor-focused and immersive environment featuring 15 sports-based experiences, blurring the line between physical and digital, reminding visitors why they love the sports they do.

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Image: Photographer Ben Clement
Image: Photographer Ben Clement
Image: @australiansportsmuseum
Image: Photographer Ben Clement
Image: Photographer Ben Clement
Image: Photographer Ben Clement
Image: Photographer Ben Clement
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  • The Australian Sports Museum approached Grumpy Sailor to update its play space in a way that saw rapid changes in technology and audience expectations as an opportunity rather than a challenge. Specifically, we needed to create an environment where visitors of varying ages and abilities could engage with the fundamental physical interactions that took human movement and shaped it into our modern understanding of what a sport is. The real challenge then was to solve the above whilst yielding a visitor-centric encounter that is unique, surprising, playful and meaningful.

  • In the "Game On!" experience we designed a catalyst for play for people of all ages, cultures and abilities, making the sports we love a little more accessible. Visitors can pick up objects and transform the space. Visitors can climb, scale and boulder Australian obstacles. Visitors can build unique digital avatars to play within a digital world, from a 100,000 seater AFL stadia to cricket bins in the backyard. We created a reactive and dynamic environment where anything can and will happen; An experience that promotes a greater understanding of Australia's sporting history through the games we play.

  • Commercially, our designs have received much press coverage, notably with some current sports celebrities sharing their experiences on Instagram, whilst enjoying the space and the games. Environmentally, we see our designs promoting sport both within the space and really hitting our 'inclusion' objectives - watching visitors of varying abilities having so much fun. Perhaps the greatest impact was that Grumpy Sailor created a truly inclusive experience. Together with our ASM, we designed a space open to everyone, not just sports fans, neither a museum nor a playground. This will ensure an ongoing social impact for years to come.

  • Key interactives; The Internet of Sports This cycling interactive is made up of an accessible turning crank and a responsive projected scene. Suitable for wheelchair groups, the crank imitates the hand-cycling mechanic. As the user turns the crank, they move through the iconic Australian landscape, dodging a few kangaroos along the way. You Make the Rules Australian backyard sport is known for its inventiveness: a wheely bin for cricket wickets, for example. You Make The Rules is a room where you can invent your own sport! Rearrange the intelligent objects on the floor to move corresponding projected elements around the room. Spot hidden elements moving throughout the space, kick and throw the ball against the wall to see live reactions from the people and objects within the scene. Pressure Cooker Pressure Cooker is an interactive AFL-themed game that gives users an insight into the way their sporting heroes play: to a cast of thousands. Users are invited to test both their aim and their nerve by throwing and kicking at targets, whilst audio and visual cues simulate an increasingly enthusiastic crowd.