Framery Phone Booth

  • 2018

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Introduced to Australia in 2017, the Framery is an innovation originating from Tampere, Finland. Facilitating concentration and collaboration in private settings, adoption as a retro-fit acoustic solution in offices such as Google, Twitter and Amazon, the Framery Phone Booth is a game changing product to enter the market.

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  • The Framery phone booth was invented by two company employees who experienced significant disruption from a manager who frequently took loud and lengthy phone calls in the office. When confronted by the two disgruntled employees, the manager stated ‘build me a phone booth’. This led to the initial concept and design of the Framery phone booth as an acoustic solution for the open plan office.

  • Designed to be a fully functional workspace with power, air ventilation system, LED lighting, desk and seating components, the Framery O has become a popular addition to the open plan office. The Framery Q, a larger version of the Framery O and able to fit 2-4 people, provided an additional acoustic solution. Facilitating private phone calls, video conferencing, interviews, appraisals, and meetings, the soundproof phone booth has a number of applications and uses where privacy or disruption free working is needed in the modern open plan workplace.

  • As there are direct links between employee satisfaction and increased productivity, a core objective of the Framery phone booth is to create happiness in the workplace. An astounding 50% of workers find noise to be the most frustrating disruption in the open plan workplace. Moreover, statistics show that interruptions occur on average, every 11 minutes and it can take as long as 25 minutes to refocus. The Framery booth provides a quiet and disruption free work environment, allowing employees to feel less stressed and contributing to a better working environment.

  • The Framery O and Q are retro-fit solutions which can be easily incorporated into an existing space rather than needing to renovate an existing office or relocate to a new office. As an easily transportable product, the Framery becomes an investment which can be repositioned around the office to meet its maximum potential and create a cost-effective solution to issues of privacy in the workplace. Taking up only 1m x 1m of floor space, the Framery O fits seamlessly into any office environment. With an extensive range of interior layouts (Framery Q) and exterior colour options to select from, the Framery booths can be fully customisable to suit the branding or theme of the organisation. Other adaptions of the Framery Q include the Flip ‘n’ Fold, a fully wheelchair accessible soundproof booth, and the Nap Q, a soundproof booth which provides casual seating or bedding for employees to take advantage of when needing a break. The Framery can be used in a number of forums including open plan offices, collaborative workspaces, airports, libraries and more.