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The Folktale app’s key value is to empower users to do what they can’t do themselves; record and output a story, guided by an expert – rather than just a series of disconnected and ill framed video files.

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  • Folktale helps those who feel the pain of producing videos the most: content producers, bloggers and SME's - or anyone who wants to create a video worth sharing. Imagery and video has been used to guide the user through the journey of producing high level video content and to give a professional editing service.

  • Our challenge was to create and design a mobile application which is easy and approachable to use. We achieved this by designing a minimal UI and designing the video creator UI similar to the apple iOS video recording as users are already familiar with this experience. Overlay tooltips were created to guide and navigate the the user through the process which enables anybody to create an engaging video. Music overlays can be added to the video content which results in a high quality, shareable video.

  • Folktale is an app which produces high quality video content. We needed to ensure that the quality of the app was reflected in this. Therefore, our testing was very detailed and the end product was constructed and finished with a lot of attention and care. Creating a mobile app for this concept was the most appropriate choice. The mobile app increases accessibility for users as the majority of consumers have a smart phone; this therefore achieves Folktale's goal.

  • The Folktale app includes a variety of storyboard templates which the user can select to fit their purpose. Within each template, key frame overlays have been illustrated to curate and tell a specific story for various needs, in order to educate the user on how to produce and complete a professional composition for each scene. This creates an interactive experience which helps the user construct and produce engaging video content.