Fijian Jiu Chinese Medicinal Liquor Packaging

  • 2017

  • Communication

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Chinese Medicinal Liquor is nourishing effect on male, The packaging design of this Liquor has take into account using the masculine color of black and gold for highlighting the strong and power of men, and the composing of triangular figure has the visual impression of men with fortitude and robust character.

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  • The packaging design of Chinese Medicinal Liquor —“Yijin Jiu " was adopting the form of combination internal and external, Ceramic Liquor bottle were used for internal packaging and it's suitable for liquid product storage, the combination color paper printing and corrugated paper were used for external packaging, which suitable for transport and internal packaging protection. The geometric figure were used in the designing of packaging surface to got a simple packaging effect, only the two color of gold and black were used in it. The triangle decoration was composing by simple geometric segmentation, the packing of external and were the same style.

  • This design project is from a traditional nutritious liquor producer, improving their previous liquor packaging. We analyzed the use characteristics of the product and the color of the liquid. After understanding the content of the product, through redesigning the liquor bottle shape and redesigning graphics and color of outer packaging carton to unify inner and outer packaging, which makes the packaging have a more intense visual sense, conforming to the characteristics of the product and enhancing its goods value.

  • This design project is testing and designing Chinese medicinal liquor packaging. We analyzed the features of the product, including character, color, target crowd of consumption and the price of product. Considering the above factors, locate the packaging materials, processes and forms. Considering the customer crowd targeted by product in the design, embody the objectives targeted by product in the design of color and graphics. Improve packaging function and effect, exhibiting more valuable business characteristics.