eSQX Clinical Hand Wash Solution by Enware Australia

  • 2016

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Enware Australia

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eSQX is the most technically advanced clinical hand wash solution designed to improve the health and safety of all users within health facilities.

Allowing full heated water supply to the fixture, it reduces bacterial growth risks, while improving hand hygiene and user safety with touch-free operation and controlled temperature water delivery.

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  • The designed aesthetic of the clinical environment can help generate positive emotional interactions contributing to a patient's rehabilitation. eSQX uses its designed finish to enhance the hospital environment away from the typical clinical 'feel'. The institutional look of clinical wash stations can now be a thing of the past with the eSQX offering a decorative design and finish typical to what is found in hotels and high end residences. The unique face plate and spout design also acts to help infection control by sealing moisture ingress from entering wall cavities while minimizing contaminated air flow from the wall cavity back into sterile areas.

  • Designed to be installed at a user friendly location directly between both clinical soap dispensers, the eSQX complies with Australasian Health facility Guidelines for Type A, Type B and Surgeon Scrub applications. Its design provides options for alternate sensor functionality pending the hand hygiene protocols of the direct environment, whether it be washing hands/wrists only for general hand washing zones or for clinical and surgical zones where washing to the elbow is required. Researching cleaning practices provided insights that resulted in a smooth tubular spout that could be easily cleaned by a single swipe of a cloth and a smooth, chrome face plate surface to emphasize the cleanliness of the space.

  • eSQX is supplied as two separate packages to align with and ease construction scheduling. The in-wall component features a trim-able sealed enclosure to suit a range of wall depths, integral spirit levels to ensure vertical alignment and accessible isolation/check valves, strainers and inspection ports for efficient installation. The finished wall package can be installed at commissioning and allows temperature adjustment through the face plate access port at any time. The in wall mixer bodies serviceable parts are easily accessible directly behind a decorative face plate which ensures prescriptive service programs can be completed at minimal cost while maintaining the pleasing aesthetic of the care environment

  • Full heated water distribution, above 60*C, throughout a facilities plumbing system is critical in managing microbial growth and water associated bacteria concerns. However, this creates scald risks to users which in the past resulted in significant injury and even death. eSQX incorporates point of use thermostatic mixing valve technology to overcome this as it blends water to safe temperatures while also providing anti scald shut down features if cold water supply is restricted. Each fixture can have its own pre-set temperature based on the products location within the facility and its user's applications, enhancing users comfort and functional performance.

    eSQX has been designed to reduce the financial and resource burden associated with the prescriptive service programs legislated by health departments. Maintenance down time and cost are a major feature of eSQX as all serviceable parts, isolation valves and plumbing test points are front facing and easily accessible behind a face plate optimizing long term product value. Being all contained at the point of use means servicing can be done by a single person rather than 2, reducing time and cost by half. The inclusion of integral Smart Flow temperature and flow monitoring capabilities allows eSQX to be networked for continual asset and performance management further optimizing its long term future value.

    Enware have always aspired to be leaders in the health plumbing market, building a long 75 year tradition in designing and servicing this industry. Our vision looks to improve the safety and performance of the built environment and eSQX is another innovative solution designed to delivery this by reducing health risks associated to infection control and scalding. It utilizes a range of technologies to ensure safe delivery of heated water for effective hand hygiene within clinical environments, while its superior quality, durability and serviceability provides ongoing value for the customer. eSQX will improve a facilities health and safety performance which is critical in maintaining trust in the brand.