Escape Rescue Tools

  • 2018

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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Peter Fegan

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The Escape Rescue Tools are titanium compact portable personal breaching hand tools to enable quick response reaction to a life- threatening situation. These aerospace grade tools are equally suited to escaping to the outdoors such as camping and hiking.

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  • Size, portability, function ability, structural integrity, responsive ergonomics, materials selections and task / materials parameters of user audience, are the paramount considerations of such a tool expected to perform in adverse demanding situations. Advanced light weight properties and improved user comfort. Improved grip/hand tactile relations to ensure a responsive ergonomic and comfortable handle form. Also needs to be versatile in all weather situations, quick to release from safety blade scabbard system and equally quick to deploy to safety extract from a threatening situation. Requirement to fit in standard size vehicle glove box and portable/ lightweight/ compact enough for backpack hiking adventures.

  • The ESCAPE tools are ultra- compact, ultra- light due to titanium construction and extremely ergonomic, in a slimline size suitable for vehicle glove box or small backpack. A tactile non-slip grip handle allows for use in all conditions and the 3 live sharpened edges provide great options in cutting/ chopping applications. The two models of Hatchet and Spike Tomahawk offer users a choice of blade style options best suited to their personal applications. The Bottom Eject thermoformed rigid blade safety scabbard provides a wide range of hardware attachment systems and ensures the tools is secure, ready and safe to deploy.

  • The ESCAPE RESCUE TOOLS are an innovative solution to Mankind's Oldest Tool, utilizing advanced materials technology with ergonomically responsive design forms that improve user comfort, safety and task performances. An emergency situation requires demanding equipment to avoid further complications, so high performance design and materials will aid in response and action time and lessen hazard potentials. Advanced CNC technology has been utilized to ensure high quality finishes and design form details. It is hoped that no one ever has a emergency situation to escape from; but best be prepared in case of emergency. Or just ESCAPE to the great outdoors.

  • Improved ergonomics, ultra- light weight compact construction, non- corrosive titanium materials, recyclable, compact, portable, made in partnership with Australian and American industry expert specialist, suitable for all weather task use, premium blade protection coating of PVD finish, milspec quality hardware and attachment system ensure a variety of fixture options suitable to emergency response personnel, safe dual action blade retention and carry scabbard design, 3 live sharpened edges for slicing, piercing and chopping tasks, 100% rust fee premium materials used throughout, rigid thermoformed safety sheath and increased task performances ensure the ESCAPE RESCUE TOOLS will help you avoid an emergency situation or get away from a life threatening environment. They are also the perfect backpacking, hiking, camping and adventure tools and are made to last generations.