Eletta Explore

  • 2023

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    Domestic Appliances

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De'Longhi Group

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Introducing the world’s only fully automatic coffee machine capable of making hot, iced, and cold brew coffees, with customizable recipes. Craft barista-quality coffee with ease using its sleek and innovative design.

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  • Our design challenge was twofold: firstly, to reduce the traditional 12-18 hour cold brew process to 5 minutes; and secondly, create an automatic milk system that textures milk without steam therefore, able to provide a complete range of iced coffee. Flavour and texture quality could not be compromised, so we ensured consumers could enjoy barista-quality coffee in a timely manner, in the comfort of their home.

  • Our design process resulted in two innovative technologies to solve the challenges. The first, Cold Extraction Technology, uses ambient temperature water and a pulse pump to wet the coffee at intervals, simulating the cool temperature and zero pressure of conventional cold brew but delivering the drink within 5 minutes. The second technology, LatteCrema Cool carafe, uses the Venturi Effect to combine vapour and milk, creating barista-quality, cool microfoam for iced coffee options. These technologies ensure that the quality of the coffee is not compromised, while providing a convenient and efficient solution for consumers.

  • The Eletta Explore is a game-changer in the domestic coffee machine market, offering consumers a variety of hot, iced, and cold brew coffees, for the first time. With advanced technologies and a sleek design, this product boasts a compact footprint, a user-friendly color touchscreen interface, customizable user profiles, remote control through a linked app, as well as machine-washable components that make it easy and efficient to maintain. Overall, the Eletta Explore is an efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and economical solution that is customizable to individual lifestyles.

  • LatteCrema carafes have an automatic texturing system with a steam cleaning setting, ensuring that milk remains unaffected and can be stored in the carafe within the fridge. Eletta Explore allows individual profiles, saving preferred recipes and accessing personalized menus for timely delivery. The linked app enables remote control, recipe browsing, and profile management. Three preset portion sizes cater to different travel cup sizes.