• 2019

  • Product
    Domestic Appliances

Designed By:

  • ASKO Design team
  • Vincent Hofstee
  • Iris Hogervorst

Commissioned By:

Asko Design team

Designed In:


Asko’s Elements ovens stand for luxury and craftsmanship coupled with advanced technology and present the ultimate tools for the home chef. The built-in products seamlessly fit in contemporary kitchen design. The Elements line-up features steam technology, combi microwave functionality, pyrolytic cleaning and intuitive touch screen user interfaces.

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  • The challenge for the Elements line was to develop a family of cooking products which are both esthetically appealing and user centric, with the target group of home chefs and design lovers in mind. The specific aim of the Elements ovens was to make the numerous functions of an advanced oven easily accessible, with an intuitive user interface. The touch screen should be seamlessly integrated in the control panel. The overall oven design should 'blend in' in contemporary kitchen design. The applied materials should all express the premium quality of the most exclusive line of the Asko brand.

  • A special glass was developed as a design carrier throughout the various appliances. The soft-black painted glass stands out with a subtle metallic sprinkle, which gives the glass a layered and rich effect, and fits well with contemporary kitchen design. The front is framed by precision milled profiles which connect seamlessly to the furniture. The user interface can be intuitively used through the central touch screen and adjacent menu keys. The most frequently used functions can be accessed directly. A functional, sophisticated design is maintained through a sober use of colors. The progress screen gives a clear status feedback.

  • Adding the Elements product line established Asko as a real premium supplier of cooking appliances. The combination of the human centered approach, the professional cooking performance and the high level of integration in total kitchen design made a big impact and is received very well by both business and our target group of home chefs. The oven is designed for intensive use and a long life time. Maintenance is easy. Asko finds it very important that people enjoy cooking and make cooking a social event. The oven and its features are easy to access for different target groups.

  • The characteristic line on the control panel is continued in the display which gives a unique combination of graphic and on-screen design. The door has an almost sculptured one-piece door handle, which opens the door on soft-close hinges. The pure steam feature is one of the best available steam technologies for consumers, enabling professional cooking. Changing function settings is possible in multiple ways (tapping, scrolling or with a keyboard) so there are different options for every type of user, to have it in their preferred way. The progress / status screen is giving the user both numeric and graphical feedback. All nicely arranged for the user to see in one glance the status of their cooking process.