Electrolux ComfortLift™ Dishwasher

  • 2018

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    Domestic Appliances

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The guests have gone. The party’s over. It’s been a wonderful evening. Now it’s time to stack the dishwasher. Electrolux has transformed the everyday task of doing the dishes with the world’s first dishwasher with ComfortLift™ technology. Comfortlift™ redefines the everyday experience of loading and unloading the dishwasher.

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  • At Electrolux, our Human Touch design philosophy guides design to understand our consumer’s homes and habits, to be intuitive, and to anticipate our users evolving needs. When it came time to redefine the dishwasher, we focused on the consumer’s experience – uncovering their pain points, and focusing on the essential piece of interaction between user and product – loading and unloading the dishes. Whether it’s stacking the breakfast bowls or cleaning up after a dinner party, the new dishwasher had to be simple and comfortable to use, plus deliver a superior cleaning result no matter the item.

  • The Electrolux ComfortLift™ dishwasher has revolutionised the way that people interact with their dishwasher. The world-first lifting mechanism gently raises the lower basket of the dishwasher to a comfortable waist height to give the user full access to their dishes and eliminate the need to bend down when loading or unloading. The intuitive release trigger ensures that the basket stays safely raised until the user is finished. The rack then descends in a gentle motion – reassuring the user that their dishes are always safe and cared for. It’s gentle on you, and gentle on your dishes.

  • The Electrolux ComfortLift™ dishwasher has demonstrated standout commercial impact globally due to this unique innovation focusing on consumer needs. Thanks to a benefit that is easily demonstrated, consumers intuitively understand how the innovation can improve their dishwashing routine -driving purchase conversion in a category that otherwise offers little differentiation. Increasing Electrolux sales by 86% since its November2017 launch. ComfortLift™ has spiked Social engagement with 3.5 times higher email engagement, 900% increase in page views PerDay, 57% increase in average time spent on Electrolux sites. True consumer comments say it all: “Game changer”and“…this is one of those ‘take my money’ moments”.

  • **FORM** The human touch philosophy intuitively speaks to offering a remarkable consumer experience: light grey components are static–for stacking dishes dark grey components are moveable–folds down for different shaped pots blue components exhibit flexible grip for items like wineglasses **QUALITY** The dishwasher features a soft close gas strut mechanism, collaboratively developed over 3years between Electrolux&Hettich ensuring the patented lift basket is long lasting; Independent Life-Testing proved the ComfortLifts' durability; 2washes/day for more than 25yrs. **INNOVATION** Additional innovations packed into the dishwasher include Light Beam-Discrete floor light projection, red when wash cycle is in-progress & green when complete. SoftGrip™&SoftSpikes™ take extra care of your delicate glasses by holding them gently but firmly in place. **SUSTAINABILITY** Electrolux's Sustainability philosophy is about making small changes towards a big difference. From manufacturing to end-of-life, we’ve made small improvements which are collectively impactful. Plastic components made from recycled material and can be recycled at end-of-life. We use FlexiSpray™&FlexiWash™ technologies to achieve superior clean without additional water. FlexiSpray™arm reaches the most crowded areas through it's multi direction movement, ensuring all items are cleaned. FlexiWash™program uses different settings for upper+lower baskets. Cleaning glasses gently+pans intensively in the same-cycle, achieving the best results even in a mixed load.