Edwards & Co Oscar Mx

  • 2020

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Edwards & Co

Commissioned By:

Edwards & Co

Designed In:

New Zealand

Oscar is a beautiful three wheel, all-terrain buggy carefully designed for flexibility to meet the demands of our most precious cargo. It’s designed with luxurious comfort and style, and like all Edwards & Co products, it’s designed with love.

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  • When parents think of a "three wheel off-road buggy" they typically don't think of something that's also easy to use, luxurious or stylish. Parents shouldn't have to sacrifice luxury for ruggedness, or choose between durability and price. The brief for Oscar Mx was to make a pram that's incredibly easy to use and adapts as your child grows; elegant and sophisticated to impress your friends but also rugged enough to handle a run...all at an affordable price.

  • We surveyed over 1,000 Kiwi & Australian parents to find out what they wanted in a pram. While parents initially bought their buggy for running and exercising, the realities of parenting meant the product was not suitable for modern day parenting e.g. complicated folding, too many buttons etc Our project focus was on small details that made a huge difference. We improved everything: folding and ergonomics, seat positions, folded size, buckle, ease of use, adaptability from newborn to toddler, handlebar feel, how to reduce maintenance, and of course handling off-road and for jogging, all while making it as lightweight as possible

  • Since launching Oscar in September 2019, we have seen a huge impact on our key market in New Zealand. Customers love the product. Our average rating is 4.9 out of 5 stars. Customers love how easy it is for anybody to use - whether it's the grandparents, nanny or husband! We have seen a 100% increase in sales year on year, which has helped repay the $500,000 investment in design and tooling. Because of the high-cost materials, against our tough quality testing standards, we expect the products to last at least 20-30 years when cared for by consumers.

  • -Ergonomic V Shape handlebar. A world first. Users like to use their strollers with one hand and the shape was a favourite in our focus groups. -Memory seat adapter. The user can press each button one at a time before removing the seat. This makes it easier for users with arthritis. -No maintenance. Using dual ball bearings and better waterproofed seals means users don't need to maintain their stroller during normal use. -High quality materials. Fabrics achieve high ratings for UV, pilling and general durability. -Sun visor for Carry Cot. We noticed users like to use Muslin cloths (and washing pegs to fix them) for their carry cots to protect baby from the sun. However, this can be dangerous (muslin clothes aren't UV rated) and without adequate ventilation, there can be a SIDS risk. So we designed an UPF50 sun visor that attaches to the carry cot hood (or be attached to the handlebar or the end of the cot) to eliminate this risk.