Dust Reduction System

  • 2020

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed By:

  • Jason Svarc
  • Nicolas Chevalier
  • David Bilston
  • Rickard Hederstierna
  • Samuele Meda

Commissioned By:

Dometic Australia Pty Ltd

Designed In:


The Dust Reduction System is the first affordable and effective, non-powered solution for the widespread problem of dust entry into caravans during transit.

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  • A non-powered device with no moving parts that operates automatically to prevent dust entry in caravans in transit, even while behind a vehicle in dust. A secondary function while stationary to provide ventilation of harmful gases for occupant safety, without being impacted by a blocked filter. Keep out dust and water and be easily serviced from inside the caravan. Simple installation into a range of roof opening sizes and thicknesses to suit aftermarket. Attractively styled with the Dometic design language.

  • Advanced airflow simulation was used to develop a patented vent system that can operate in two distinct and opposite modes at different times, without moving parts or user intervention: Pressurisation through a filter while driving; and free ventilation bypassing the filter while stationary. Performance was validated using PM10 particle sensors measuring dust levels in real time on-road, achieving 97% reduction in dust. Water egress features to prevent water entry were developed using lab and on-road testing. A two-step installation with only 4 screws caters for roof thicknesses from 30 to 65 mm and openings from 285 to 400 mm square.

  • Dometic brings accessibility of a proven dust reduction solution to Australia’s 700,000 registered caravan owners with a product that is easy to install and less than half the price of powered alternatives. The design is so efficient that it achieves flow rates exceeding powered units (120 L/s at 80 km/h), without the need for electricity. Industry feedback from caravan manufacturers, customers and media has been overwhelmingly positive with people amazed at the performance achieved. Caravan owners can now arrive and enjoy the destination instead of spending hours cleaning the caravan.

  • The Dust Reduction System is designed with specific features providing those additional benefits: • Natural temperature control through convection • Minimise entry of pollens and other harmful particle for a better comfort • Easy retrofit to any existing/older caravans roof aperture • Significantly reduce the amount of toxic carbon monoxide in animal/horse trailers proven through real life testing • Minimum maintenance required • Robust design using minimum components numbers and no moving parts