DroneGun Tactical

  • 2019

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

DroneShield Ltd

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The DroneGun Tactical is a portable non-kinetic countermeasure to growing threats to safety of drone technology. The device allows operators to counter drone threats by disrupting the radio frequency channels used to communicate and navigate. The technology, core IP and industrial design were built from the ground up in Australia.

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  • The rapid rise and commoditisation of drone technology presents a diverse range of challenges to government organisations, from prisons, stadiums, public events, airports to military operations and infrastructure. DroneShield has been refining the portable, rifle style, RF drone disruptor since 2016, working closely with military and federal agencies internationally to build the third generation brief. Major challenges: - Add additional frequency bands to the capability of the disruptor - Completely remove the heavy backpack system architecture of the MKI & MKII. - Reduce the weight and cost - Create a mass manufacturable item that is suited to harsh operating environments All outcomes were successfully achieved.

  • DroneShield was an early mover in the counter drone space and was granted a briefing from a major European military in late 2017. Based on their intelligence they provided a list of specifications they required for this nascent industry. To achieve the goals of the project, the system architecture, component selection, antenna design, mechanical design and interface design had to be completely reworked from DroneShield’s previous solutions. From the first white-board brainstorming session to delivering a working pre-production unit to the European military, took 159 days. This turn around time, particularly in the Defence sector was unheard of.

  • The DroneGun Tactical has already had significant social impact globally. Units have been actively deployed throughout Asia, South America and the Middle East. With ongoing trials also taking place in Australia, the USA and Europe. Commercially, the design of the DroneGun Tactical has provided DroneShield with a significant early revenue stream including multiple international low volume sales and a sale of units to the value of $3.2 million to a Middle Eastern MoD. In a nascent, slow moving procurement industry, the DroneGun Tactical design has resinated globally as one of the first viable commercial solutions.

  • The DroneGun Tactical’s commercial success is not only a great story for a young and small Australian company but represents a strong case for Design Thinking and a ‘Design Lead Process’ in the military and security industry. It is a hallmark case for a ‘User First/Design First’ approach leading to major industry disruption, by a company that would seemingly be outclasses and outgunned by established industry players. The unit itself offers up to 2km of RF disruption across up to 5 RF bands, it is highly effective in a wide range of environmental conditions. Its highly portable rifle styled design is easily operated by one person. The operator requires only minimal technical training to effectively set up and use the device. DroneGun (Tactical and prototype) units have been deployed at high visibility events such as the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, ASEAN Summit in Sydney, the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang and the World Economic Forum in Davos. Previous industry recognition in the form of DroneShield’s CTO being awarded Young Innovator of 2018 by Aerospace Maritime Defence and Security Foundation of Australia, the Young Achiever for 2018 by AIDN NSW and a High Commendation for Cybersecurity from Defense & Security Foundation (CIVSEC 2018).