Donor Centre of the Future Strategic Guidelines

  • 2021

  • Design Strategy

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The Donor Centre of the Future project, with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood, was a human centred design-led research, ideation and design standards process set to significantly improve both the Donor + Staff experience, whilst meeting the operational efficiency needs of the organisation throughout the extensive network of centres across Australia.

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  • There were three key ambitious goals for this project. Whilst effectively designing a new experience that amplified the rebrand from Blood Service to Lifeblood, the project sought to; 1. Understand and respond to the emotive needs in context of the entire Donor journey 2. Significant improve per m2 return on investment via a human-centred lens of return on experience 3. Create operational efficiencies

  • The Design Solution was derived from a collaborative approach between the design team and representatives of entire client touch-point interfaces with the donor centre operations. By adopting the human-centred-design process led and championed by Best, the solution is a set of guidelines that provides practical tools for implementation across the wide variety of network challenges. This includes everything from architectural elements, to spatial planning and zone adjacency rules, through to finishes, furniture; all whilst elevating the branded experience, and meeting stringent requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Administration Act (Australia)

  • The design impact of this project is varied, and vast; 1. Provide a better defined return on investment matrix for Lifeblood that is firmly anchored to the human centred principles of return on investment 2. A more sophisticated representation of the Lifeblood brand experience based upon understanding this built environment touch-point as one of many in the overall Donor Journey 3. Interrogation of complex, compliance interfaced aspects of back of house and significantly reducing % of space allocation through efficient design 4. Service Design rethink for staff/operational flow to better manage waste throughout the process (lifecycle commercial efficiencies)

  • - The use of human centred design process TheLabSeries which is designed + owned by Best - A process that included every touchpoint of the organisation relating to the Donor Centre operation (not prior undertaken by Lifeblood) - Same amount of 'donor chairs' resulting in better effecting donation growth KPI's of the organisation, in a smaller square metre footprint - More space for Donors to experience, rest and relax before and after the donation process - A much less transactional approach to the entire end-to-end experience - A more sophisticated representation of the brand with scalability for the future - More efficient service design to minimise waste - New storage design solutions which interfaces with service design that reduces the amount, and type, of storage requirements for the centre to effectively, and compliantly, operate