High Performance Self Latching Multi-Point System

  • 2017

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Doric Products

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The Doric High Performance Self Latching Multi-point System, DN8000 is the first awning window multi-point system designed in and for the Australian market. This product is a world first at automatically closing and latching an open awning window under damaging wind loads.

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  • In high wind situations, traditional open multi-point awning windows can continuously flutter open and close often leading them to dislodge and fall from buildings. Open windows can also expose non-structural internal walls to damaging high wind pressures. Upon the window-stays releasing in high wind, the DN8000 is designed with a self-latching device which catches the window closed when shutting. Holding the window closed prevents damage to both the building's internals as well as the window system itself.

  • One of the benefits of an awning window is the positive compression achieved on the window seals which prevent air leakage. To provide this compression, traditional fixed locking points slide along ramps to engage the keepers. End users experience discomfort when required to apply large forces to turn the lever caused by the ramps The DN8000 employs stainless steel rollers for a smooth load transfer upon engaging the locking points. The operation of the product is fully integrated and functions as a standard multi-point system. Once the self-latching has occurred the lever is positioned in the unlocked orientation. The window may be opened again by rotating the lever into the locked position before back to open

  • On a multi-point system, the horizontal adjustment allows the window compression against the seals to be varied and tuned once on site. Current systems provide offset rotational locking points. These adjustment points are located on the opening window sash and can only be accessed once the window is open. Safety issues were raised by service teams which were required to hang out of windows on high rise buildings to gain access to the horizontal adjustments. The DN8000 was designed with both horizontally and vertically adjustment integrated into the individual keepers. These keepers are located on the fixed frame rather than the opening sash allowing them to be easily and safely accessed by service teams.

  • Multi-point systems suffer from ongoing issues around corrosion of the hardware. While current hardware use coated die cast components, these finishes rub off in high wear areas leaving critical components in the system exposed to corrosion. If hardware fails within the product life it can only be replaced by removing and pulling apart the window. These windows on large residential and commercial projects often require cranes for their removal. The DN8000 uniquely combines stainless steel and engineered plastic components ensuring its performance throughout the life of the product. Independently tested by the CSIRO to 9.8kpa, this product meets the performance requirements of Australia's cyclonic regions.

    Multi-point systems are known for being complex to install and companies will generally use software to assist with installation. To simplify the matter, the Doric system provides 5mm of adjustment when installing the Polyamide Connecting Bars. These Connecting Bars can firstly be inserted and then adjusted to the desired position. The self-drilling screws remove an operation and prevent the need to pre-drill holes in the connecting bar. Specifically designed self-drilling screws ensure a clean cut of the material and prevent any swarf jamming the mechanism. Through these innovations, an installation time saving of 20% is achieved per window.