Detpak Cup Gallery – Coffee Origins

  • 2017

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Detmold Launchpad
  • Leah Clarke

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The Coffee Origins Cup Gallery is a collection of flexographically printed hot cups available in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz options, featuring vivid imagery inspired by coffee-producing nations. Cartons have a mix of three designs, referencing Cuba, Guatemala or Mexico, and each cup features a relevant fact about coffee culture.

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  • Instantly appealing, the three distinctive cup designs have artwork inspired by beautiful patterns and colours from the coffee-producing nations. To enhance the connection to the Coffee Origins idea, the name of the country, along with a fact about coffee culture is printed on the cups. This plays into contemporary coffee culture where consumers value knowledge about the product's provenance, with the reference to the coffee origins creating an emotional connection. The cups look appealing in-store stacked on an espresso machine, as well as catch the eye when in use.

  • The random distribution of the three cups throughout the stock keeping units, along with the coffee fact and invitation to learn more via the website invites user interactivity, along with the hashtag, and is intended to create a more meaningful user experience. Coffee drinkers, after reading the fact, may be inspired to try the next day to get a different cup design to learn another fact, and the next day. The designs can be refreshed multiple times a year, to keep business owners and coffee drinkers interested in the concept.

  • The standard cup manufacturing process is generally restricted to printing one design at a time. Depending on the cup size, the single design is laid out three to five times per print pass to maximize production efficiency. The single design can have a maximum of five colours. However, in this instance, a method was devised to print a “mixed set” of designs on a single print pass by ensuring that the five designs utilize a total of five colours across the set. In doing so, three printed designs could be printed simultaneously, resulting in a mixed set of cups.

  • Drawing inspiration directly from the coffee-producing nations, the three distinct designs reference iconic patterns and colours from the different countries' cultures. The designer created mood boards with images referencing the distinct architecture, textiles, interiors, and traditional ornaments. Appealing to the ethical coffee drinker, the designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meet consumers' demand to know about the origins of their product. The eye-catching designs are familiar enough for people to connect with, yet also invites curiosity, and adds to the customer journey, enhanced by the coffee fact and website address also printed on the cup.

    The price is comparable to existing Detpak products, and a competitor's product. As a new to market product, Detpak intends to benefit from the contemporary coffee culture interest in coffee's provenance, including around ethical, environmental production values. By visually referencing the countries' cultures and providing a fact, the users are even closer to the coffee producers, validating their choice to drink coffee, and encouraging future purchases.