DecoBatten® QuickClick™ Two-Piece System

  • 2022

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    Hardware and Building

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Ross Doonan

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A revolutionary new form of batten cladding, DecoBatten® QuickClick™ two-piece aluminium battens offer an innovative easy-install batten solution ideal for facades, wall linings, ceilings and more.

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Image: DECO Australia
Image: DECO Australia
Image: DECO Australia
Image: DECO Australia
Image: DECO Australia
Image: DECO Australia
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  • Timber battens have long been a popular building design material. DECO's challenge was to create an easy-install aluminium batten system that would allow battens to be quickly and easily installed in situations where timber was not a suitable option due to weight, fixing issues, combustibility or the requirement of ongoing maintenance. The other challenge was to create a fixing system that would provide a safe and secure fixing mechanism with no visible connections or fixings.

  • Created from lightweight aluminium, the system features a backing piece (the base) that can be screw-fixed directly to a surface, and a batten cover which is available in different colours, shapes and sizes that can be seamlessly clicked into place. With concealed fixings and an easy click-in mechanism system, DecoBatten® QuickClick™ two-piece system offers creative flexibility in all applications. Thanks to the lightweight nature of aluminium and the hollow extrusions, the system is much lighter than traditional battens and can be utilised in applications where timber simply cannot be used.

  • A focus on creating a system for quick and simple installation has translated into significate installation time and cost savings. Thanks to the extruded aluminium profiles, no matter the shape or size of the DecoBatten, they are dimensionally stable, and all offer consistent dimensions with 100% useability, unlike that of traditional timber battens. The large range of shapes also offer creative freedom and flexibility in design creation. Thanks to the finishing, DecoBatten® emits no VOCs, never requires refinishing, is fire safe and therefore creates a positive environmental impact by offering a more sustainable batten solution.

  • DecoBatten® QuickClick™ two-piece battens also offer the following: •A wide range of sublimated, powder-coated or metallic anodised finishes, which include timber, concrete and rust-look options. •A 25mm (width) series and a 50mm (width) series, with depths up to 250mm •Range of batten shapes including square, rectangle, radius and angle •Unique ‘SpaceBase™’ accessory offering an extended backing plate for even spacing and eliminating the requirement for pre-finishing surfaces •Colour-matched end caps to provide a realistic batten appearance •Non-combustible and compliant with AS 1530.1 and AS 1530.3 •Fast and easy installation with multiple installation options •No visible connections or fixings •Long, dimensionally stable 6.5m lengths for minimal wastage •100% recyclable at end of life •Durable finishes that are scratch, chip, peel and corrosion-resistant.