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Released in January 2017, Climate Wizard model CW-P15 allows users to vary temperature whilst maintaining constant air flow. The revolutionary indirect evaporative air conditioner uses a hyper-efficient counter-flow heat exchanger to produce 100% fresh, cool, outside air, with no added moisture.

The new horizontal exhaust in CW-P15 offers a lower profile and perfectly blends with a range of installation options. Climate Wizard uses 80% less energy for cooling than refrigerated systems performing the same duty, while delivering more air in low pressure duct systems.

As well as the revolutionary touch screen ‘MagIQtouch’ or wall controller option, the CW-P15 can be operated directly by analogue BMS (building management system) or industry standard MODbus or BACnet control protocol.

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  • Climate Wizard technology has earned its award-winning pedigree by undergoing rigorous testing and real-world conditions in some of the harshest environments on the planet. A commitment to ongoing product improvement and innovation has been applied not just to functionality but also several clever external design benefits to the CW-P15. To ensure it is aesthetically pleasing, a UV-proof lightweight polymer casing ensures it is resist to corrosion, withstands extreme weather conditions, and perfectly complements a range of roof or building designs.

  • In designing the CW-P15, Seeley International has integrated several key maintenance and service enhancements to ensure low maintenance requirements and costs. As such, CW-P15 sets the industry benchmark when it comes to being easy to maintain through the development of new standard filters, with optional washable or disposable pleated panel filters that can be accommodated in the one design. Similarly, clever design ensures that inverter drive motors are long life but are easily accessible from front or back of the air conditioner, should the servicing or replacement need arise. All service installation points, such as power, water and waste are easily accessible during and after installation. There are no consumable items requiring replacement.

  • P15 has integrated lifting points for easy lifting by crane and has in-built mounting brackets for installation on either flat surfaces or roof mounting racks. The CWP15 delivers outstanding performance whether operating at ground level or at height. The tapered low profile allows the installation to maintain the building aesthetics, and units can be mounted side by side (on either available side) to save on valuable roof space. Installation has also been made easier by automatic set up calibration, as the model dynamically reacts to the static pressure of the installation ductwork, removing the need to critically check the installation process and ensuring that overtime, optimum cooling is achieved.

  • Whether a retrofit or new install, Climate Wizard overcomes the performance shortcomings of traditional evaporative air conditioning operating in humid climates and offers comfort conditions that are equivalent to, or better than, conventional refrigerated air conditioning - and it does all of that with reduced electricity consumption. Climate Wizard does not add any moisture due to a hyper-efficient counter-flow heat exchanger that works as follows: • Hot outside air enters dry channels • Warm moist exhaust air discharged from wet channels (45% of intake airflow) • Exhaust air pushed back through wet channels (45% of intake airflow) • 100% fresh, cool, supply air pushed into the building from dry channels (55% of intake airflow) By using the patented counter-flow heat exchanger as above, the CW-P15 enhances the power of evaporative cooling by supplying air much cooler than traditional evaporative systems but uniquely makes sure the cool air never comes into direct contact with the evaporative process.

    In stand-alone applications, 100% outside air means better indoor air quality in comparison with recirculated air delivered by refrigerated systems. This is great news for building occupants who experience acute health and comfort effects. The CW-P15 cooling system can exceed the regulatory standards for outside air ventilation rates, and deliver 100% fresh, cooled outside air all the time. In addition, CW-P15 can be effectively used on its own or in combination with refrigerated systems to provide pre-cooled outside air, and when used with refrigerated systems, it can also extend the life of other air conditioning equipment, as it removes a substantial proportion of the cooling work required.

    The design has been engineered to utilize stable recyclable materials throughout. Instead of ozone depleting refrigerant systems greatly reduces the ultimate harmful effects of refrigerant gases that leak or are discharged to the atmosphere. Low power consumption reduces the need for greater power infrasinfrastructure and generating capacity, all of which act against the principles of sustainability.

    The efficient cooling technology behind the hyper-efficient Climate Wizard have ingenious water-smarts built in; using less water, while optimising quality and increasing unit longevity. The water management system of the Climate Wizard range steps up the level of water control. With a unique water distribution system, Climate Wizard maximises cooling efficiency and cleanliness, while minimising consumption. An automated chlorinator ensures Climate Wizard's cleanliness, while the reservoir automatically empties when salinity reaches a monitored level. Should water reach low level, the system's alarm notifies staff to take action. Plus, automatic draining happens during prolonged downtime.