• 2017

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Commissioned By:

The Zenith Design Studio

Designed In:


Cloud is an innovative workplace partition system consisting of organic acoustic pod formations and desktop screens which focus on well-being in the workplace.

With correct sound control, it has been shown that a workforce has improved concentration, productivity and well-being. Cloud’s contoured, recycled PET walls to absorb up to 60% of sound.

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  • Well=being of staff is at the forefront of effective workplace design. The Cloud panels absorb sound and help with dampening noise in an open work environment. A high Noise reduction coefficient (NRC) was achieved through collaboration with RMIT sound engineering lab. Cloud has been tested by RMIT in accordance with AS ISO 354-2006 “Measurement of Sound Absorption in a Reverberation Room.” With a NRC result of 0.60, reflecting back only 40% to the surrounding space, cloud provides not only an easily reconfigurable workplace partition system but aids in an important noise control function.

  • Cloud has been designed in response to our workplace research. The carefully considered configurations allow users to work collaboratively in teams, via multi-media booths or privately in their quiet space to allow for focused work. The space saving Cloud formations also means more room for mobile staff to touch down for short-stay.

  • Cloud utilises a unique and patented manufacturing process to achieve its complex contoured form. Panels are supported with steel frame and EchoPanel® that has a high percentage of recycled materials with low VOC, is Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified and supports a healthy workplace. Using EchoPanel® with a high recycled component comes with a variety of challenges, these were overcome during a lengthy process of prototyping and experimentation. Electrical and data cables reticulate inside the panels and worktops or height adjustable desks can be fitted to the pods. Each cloud is raised off the floor for easy cleaning and air circulation. There are no visible frames and Cloud's organic format