Clipsal Iconic Styl

  • 2019

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    Hardware and Building

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The beauty of the Iconic range is that it provides an exciting combination of functionality and aesthetics: a common platform of electrical functions installed by electricians and a skin that consumers can easily change to customise the look to suit their own style. Iconic Styl bold finishes are irresistibly modern.

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  • The industry have long been focus on a functional approach, solving electrical problem for electricians and delivering plain and uniform design. Clipsal Iconic brings an entire industry to focus more on the end-users needs and ensure to create value both emotionally and functionally for them. People are different, their homes are different, their interiors are different. Clipsal present now 3 skins design, telling 3 different stories to fit different lifestyle.

  • Bi-face solution: -One platform for electricians enabling on time delivery with best in class ergonomic features, offering functions from standard switches and power points, to simple smart home. -A curated aesthetic choice for consumers, involving them in the decorative choices with 9 finishes to pick out of 3 design stories: Iconic, Iconic Styl and Iconic Essence. The common platform is dressed with a skin that can customize the look to suit diverse interior style and give any home a fresh look. Which switch are you? Iconic Styl is for the home proud, making a statement of innovative and modern living.

  • Clipsal legacy offer being largely copied, Iconic range is a radical answer to keep the leadership on the electrical market. The result of 5 year of R&D is strengthening the relationship with electricians and adding a new focus on consumers, evolving the business model, creating new experience centers open to the public in the major cities and new e-commerce partnership. Clipsal transforms empty spaces into favorite places by ingeniously and efficiently powering living areas and continuing to pioneer the electrical industry as we have since 1920.

  • In Wall power station What better place to charge your devices than next to your bed? Ditch the power strip full of individual chargers, ditch the expensive long cables, reduces clutter and integrate a multi-port USB charger right above the nightstand for right at hand charging. Staircase Light off timer Don’t waste your time turning off the lights. Enjoy the convenience of climbing a staircase without having to turn off when you arrived at your destination. A staircase timer is an electronic switch used to control lighting on a staircase, corridor or lobby. A single action turns on the lights and they remain on for long enough to ascend or descend the stairs. The lights then turn themselves off automatically. Corridor night walk. Turn the corridor light into a night walk, scheduling them from your smartphone to stay all night at very low level. it’s as easy as setting an alarm clock. In wall power-boards: 4 sockets in one Poor maintenance and incorrect use of power boards are common causes of fires in the home. In a kitchen avoid oil and dust build up on horizontal outlets. It is recommended to plug your devices directly to permanent power points instead.