Clipsal Iconic Outdoor

  • 2021

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    Hardware and Building

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Iconic Outdoor is a weatherproof, IP-protected wiring device range. It’s the first IP rated outdoor range in the Pacific region that can be installed without needing silicone or drilling of the mounting holes. This Australian designed product removes screws form the assembly to boost reliability.

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  • Consumers in the Pacific market have always had to endure bulky, industrial-looking outdoor electrical accessories while installers have been required to undertake a messy, fiddly and time-consuming install process. In addition, the market for outdoor wiring device accessories has become highly commoditized full of copies of our older designs resulting in a lack of choice and consumer disengagement. The callenge for us was to deliver a well resoved, consumer focused look and feel while solving all the isntall issues for the electrician.

  • This design addresses all the major pain points of installers and end-users without sacrificing reliability or robustness. The design revolutionizes the experience for the installer and gives the end user the experiece they are demanding. Integrated seals remove the need for glue and silicone. Clip-on grids and covers remove the need for screw caps and screws. Removing the mounting holes from the sealed area removes the need for drilling out holes on the base and a spring-loaded integrated shutter provides reliable sealing for the socket. Every element has been reimagined to improve the experience for the installer and end-users.

  • Clipsal by Schneider Electric is the primary innovator for wiring devices, however, we have been challenged with many copycat products, all with a similar structure and form to ours. This design reestablishes Clipsal as the leaders in this category. Removing the need for silicone and toxic glue has environmental benefits as well as cleaning up the installation process. This product also carries our Green Premium label indicating the environmental impact has been assessed through the product lifecycle. Incorporating connected, smart technology helps people manage their electricity use in a more efficient way helping homes to become more sustainable.

  • Simplifying and standardizing the install experience creates a more reliable product with less variablity. This has benefits in terms of security and safety. By making the product more appealing to the end-user they are more likely to maintain it reducing the need for replacement. If the outer cover is damaged it can be easily be replaced removing the need to dispose of the entire product. Connected technology gives people greater advisability and control over their energy use. The smart control of electrical devices allows them to be used more efficiently saving users money and addressing sustainability by reducing carbon emissions from electricity use.