Clipsal Iconic Essence

  • 2019

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

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The beauty of the Iconic range is that it provides an exciting combination of functionality and aesthetics: a common platform of electrical functions installed by electricians and a skin that consumers can easily change to customise the look to suit their own style. Iconic Essence brings a distinct natural character.

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  • The industry has long been focused on a functional approach, solving electrical problems for electricians and delivering a plain and uniform design. Clipsal Iconic brings an entire industry to focus more on the end-users' needs and ensure creates value both emotionally and functionally for them. Clipsal 3 skins designs,is telling 3 different stories to fit different lifestyles. Iconic Essence uses natural timber to give a homey feel, using a mix of hand-made and high-tech processes to create this unique patented timber frame with a miniature corner bridle-joint (also known as a slot mortise and tenon).

  • Iconic Essence is a simple design with clean natural lines and distinct character. From the steepness of each curve to the corner bridle joint, every detail, no matter how small, is considered. Inspiration is drawn from vintage long-boards, the design incorporates natural curves and a real timber frame to a fresh concave top that offers the switcher a smooth ride. Elegant, Natural, comfortable Iconic Essence simplify our lives. Driven by comfort and elegance, the range brings quality of living, is an easy and durable solution to manage energy. It is suitable for kitchen and bathroom.

  • The timber frame, made from frugal use of birch essence sourced from responsible forestry, is protected with water based laker. It can be separated from the recyclable plastic parts. Clipsal legacy offer being largely copied, Iconic range is a radical answer to keep the leadership on the electrical market. The result of 5 year of R&D is strengthening the relationship with electricians and adding a new focus on consumers, evolving the business model, creating new experience centers open to the public in the major cities and new e-commerce partnership, continuing to pioneer the electrical industry as we have since 1920.

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