Cisco Meraki MV Security Cameras


The Cisco Meraki MV Series is a sophisticated yet approachable line of enterprise video security cameras. Simple to deploy, configure and manage, MV provides reliable security, valuable business insights to organizations of any scale, and disrupts its product space through its luxurious design.

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  • Though public cameras are becoming ubiquitous, they are often poorly designed and intimidating eyesores. Cisco Meraki’s objective was to introduce an elegant and discreet line of security cameras to the market while also improving the installation and adjustment process. This was achieved through analyzing and addressing interaction nuances, and then by housing the results in our unique, cohesive and alluring design.

  • The Meraki brand is simple and understated, so our design had to be easy with an organic and unexpected twist. Our smooth, low-profile bowl form flipped the typical dome camera shape without compromising functionality. The glossy black lens then melts into the bowl, creating a distinct look that blends with enterprise environments. Each MV camera is vandal-proof due to our anti-tamper assembly methods. We also designed them with waterproof materials so they can withstand any outdoor weather condition. Every detail of this camera line is pure perfection.

  • Social: MV applied a human-centered approach to solve security through design and consideration rather than force and intimidation. This camera line proves that empathic and friendly design can also be impactful. MV is a gamechanger. Commercial: The MV series is the most successful camera line ever produced by Cisco Meraki, as measured by the unprecedented volumes sold, documented increase in brand awareness, and extremely high customer satisfaction ratings. Environmental: Security cameras are often placed in oversized and wasteful enclosures. We worked with a multifaceted team to offer a full set of outstanding features wrapped into a minimal and sustainable camera.

  • Public and commercial security is one of the world’s hottest and most controversial topics. The security problem is normally addressed by adding more force—which translates into intimidating products and a visible police presence—but this often results in humiliated and anxious citizens. MV represents a quintessential paradigm shift that has carved the path for empathic, soft and friendly design in this space. As facial recognition technology is still being proven (and its legality is being played out in various arenas), we decided to use machine learning-based computer vision to detect, classify, and track objects within the frame of the camera, anonymously. Even in places where formal regulations don’t exist, there are still ethical questions about the use of facial recognition technology. Our object detection technology therefore only allows the MV cameras to know how many people there are, and where they’re moving while in view, without identifying individuals.