‘1 in 3 Cancers’ Campaign

  • 2017

  • Communication

Designed By:

  • Designer Rice

Commissioned By:

Cancer Council NSW

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Evidence now shows that 1 in 3 cases of cancer can be prevented (37,000 preventable cases a year). So we created the ‘1 in 3 Cancers’ campaign to engage and educate across TV, digital, social, print and grass-roots activation. This integrated, multiple cancer prevention campaign is the first of its kind in Australia.

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  • Driving the '1 in 3 Cancers' campaign is the Counter Cancer Cards - a creative vehicle designed to engage and educate our audience (primarily women 35 - 55 years). The cards address specific behaviours in intimate settings, social activity and short form pre-roll advertising, yet also deliver a broader control message on TV, digital video and print. Every campaign touchpoint is designed to reinforce the key campaign message 'YOU HOLD THE CARDS TO REDUCING YOUR CANCER RISK'. The campaign design uses colourful cards, simple illustrations and intimate POV settings to communicate an important and complicated message in a bright, empowering and compelling manner.

  • To stack the cards in your favour, blue cards (behaviours that increase your cancer risk) should be swapped for yellow cards (choices that decrease your risk) to achieve a healthier hand. In activation, the hand a person is dealt can be from the shuffled deck - to avoid personal questions, embarrassment or judgement. In online settings, or with close friends / family members, the hand can be based on specific lifestyle choices. The campaign website includes a self assessment quiz that deals the cards based on the user's answers - along with facts and tips to improve their hand. This is critical prevention messaging, brought to life in an easy to use and understand way.

  • We uncovered a key insight: Most Australians think cancer is random. But clinical research tells a different story. In reality, we have more control than we think. We also noted that public health campaigns often use shock and fear to build awareness. So we created the Counter Cancer Cards - to help educate Australians on how they can stack the cards in their favour. It's an empowering and nuanced message about control. The goal of this campaign is to positively influence Australians on achievable actions they can take today to prevent cancer in the future. This is an innovative, empowering campaign that lays the platform for positive behaviour change.

  • A nuanced understanding of the audience was a must. Especially considering the following: - Research told us that a third of all cancers being preventable is 'new news' to the majority of this audience, so believability would require some education; - The campaign would also be seen by cancer suffers, survivors and carers, who must be treated with understanding and sensitivity; - We had to build a broad understanding of cancer prevention, yet also address the specific risk factors that cause multiple cancers. Overall, the content and quality is uniquely appropriate, professionally executed across multiple touch-points, and designed to be digested and understood in varying levels of engagement.

    Cancer Council NSW are a not-for-profit organisation with a limited budget, striving to help Australians beat cancer. Our KPIs were based around awareness and engagement - all of which were exceeded. In the first 4 weeks, the '1 in 3 Cancers' campaign achieved 7.8 Mil impressions, 66,000+ page views, 38,000+ unique visitors and 520,000+ video views. The campaign also earned PR on NBN News, ABC Radio, The Sydney Morning Herald, Huffington Post, Campaign brief, B&T News and Ad News. Because of the success of this campaign, the Cancer Council NSW have allocated more funding to phase two of the campaign in May 2017.