Cafe Mckenzie

  • 2020

  • Architectural
    Interior Design

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

Draft Coffee Roasters

Designed In:


Cafe Mckenzie is an elegant and welcoming cafe. Through the palette of materials used, and the form of the fitout, Brewer Architects were able to deliver a cafe that exceeded the expectations of its owners and makes patrons feel comfortable. It is simply a nice environment to be in.

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Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
Image: Tom Ferguson
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  • The Clients provided us with an excellent brief. They wanted a more modern, more elegant big sister to their existing Café, one that feels a little more grown up than their original Café. With the base building under construction at the time, we had to start from scratch. Through the palette of materials used and the form of the fitout, we were able to deliver on the Clients wishes.

  • A large part of the concept for this Café revolved around the intricate detailing of the ceiling which became a really important element in the design. We wanted it to hide the services behind it, draw your eye up to heighten the space and also help acoustically attenuate the café. The vaulted ceiling is also uplit by a series of LED lights that helped us achieve a level of lighting that was soft, elegant and flexible.

  • Cafe Mckenzie is aesthetically pleasing, highly functional, flexible in its usability, comfortable to sit in and efficient in its layout. Cafe Mckenzie is a successful project on all of these fronts. The feeling it evokes when you walk in makes you want to spend time there and stay a little longer. This is what the Clients wanted and what we delivered. Cafe Mckenzie has a lasting impact when you go there.

  • This project was the smoothest running project we have ever had. This is mainly due to the amazing team collaboration between the Client, the Builder and the Architects. Communication was always open and constant and meant that any issues that arose were addressed quickly, prior to them becoming bigger issues. We really commend the teamwork involved in this project.